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7 Tips On How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day might be one of the best days of your life. For this day to be celebrated, there’s much planning and research that needs to go into it. 

Having worked tirelessly for this blissful day, the captured memories with your loved ones are to be forever cherished. For these moments to turn into memories, you have to find the perfect wedding photographer. 

Since there are many photographers available for you to choose from, how can you know which the best one is? We’ve compiled seven tips on how to find the best wedding photographer to turn your precious moments into shared memories. 

  1. Gallery

A wedding photographer takes pride in their work by displaying photos of past weddings. Thus, taking a look at their gallery gives you an indication of the kind of photos that the wedding photographer takes. You can project and determine whether the style, angles, and poses suggested by the photographer are ones that you would like for your wedding. 

Maybe, you’re thinking of a rustic themed photography or a high-angled drone influenced photography. By checking the prospective photographer’s gallery, you can determine whether your photo ideas would coincide with their expertise.  

  1. Has Clear Details

For you to prepare accordingly, you need all the details to go according to your plan. The last inconveniences you need regarding your wedding preparation are unexpected costs or demands. 

A contract is one way of transparency. Package cost detail, hours of service, editing fee structure, customer dissatisfaction processes, are some of the information that you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer. A contract places clear instructions and agreements that are analyzed in possible conflicts that may arise. Thus, when hiring a wedding photographer, ensure that their details are clear and are properly reflected on a contract.

  1. Will Ask About The Client’s Details 

For a high-quality job to be delivered, a professional photographer has to ask potential clients certain questions, such as your wedding venue, date, size of the wedding, the number of photographers you require, whether you would like videography included, and any photography before the wedding day. Such pieces of information are needed for the photographer to prepare and charge accordingly. 

If you find a photographer who doesn’t ask this information from you, you might need to continue your search. 

  1. Photographer’s Blogs 

Not all photographers have blogs or articles on their websites, but those that do make your decision process easier. 

You can tell a lot about a person’s works by how their thoughts are communicated. Perhaps the photographer provides tips to make your day extra special or tips on how to manage unexpected happenings. With this, you can already tell that the photographer has insight and experience in the proceedings of the day. 

Coupled with the photographer’s gallery that shows you the work delivered, you can confidently consider that particular photographer. 

  1. Photographer’s Personality

Your wedding photographer is going to be involved in your day that you can’t risk working with a photographer that you won’t enjoy. Hence, consider meeting your potential photographer before hiring them. 

Together, you can discuss expectations, services, and photography processes. By the time you finish your conversation, you’ll know whether they’re the type of person you and your guests would want to interact with throughout your wedding day. 

  1. Awards and Accolades

Awards speak loudly for the photographer’s quality of work. The more prestigious the award, the more confident you are to associate with such a praised photographer. 

You can see if a photographer has received any awards by looking at their website. If the website doesn’t have this information, you can do a simple search engine check. 

  1. Reviews 

Reviews from couples who have worked with the photographer are good indicators of the type of work and experience of the photographer. If the reviews appear to have more negative analysis than positive, you might want to reconsider. You must, however, use your discretion when checking out independent online reviews since they are not all authentic.  


A wedding photographer can either make or break your shared memories of your wedding day. You can’t run the risk of hiring a photographer who might not deliver high-quality photos. Your research on which wedding photographer to hire must include a gallery sweep, photography details, available blogs or articles, photographer’s personality, awards, and reviews. 

Although you might have a long list of what needs your attention in preparation for your wedding, a wedding photographer must be one of the priorities. The time, effort, and research that you put in will be reflected in your memories.