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7 Essential Tips You Should Notice Before Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

There are many benefits that you stand to reap by being involved and being carried along in the plans for your wedding ceremony. Although, it might be very tasking and would take a lot from you physically, emotionally, and financially, however, it definitely worth it. After all, it is your wedding. We all know the usual traditional setting and outlines, from the processional, down to reading the vows, kissing and through to the recessional. It’s the same old outline. It is traditional. But you really do not have to do it that way if you don’t want to. It is your wedding ceremony and you should (along with your partner) decide what you want, and what you don’t. 

While you are making the plans and deciding what you want, here are few tips to help you:

Cut Out the Traditions You Don’t Want In Your Wedding

Weddings ceremonies are usually run in a traditional way. With a set of activities listed in a particular order. Well, you do not have to follow the traditions and stick to that old, boring order of service. You should make your own order by yourself. Do what you want at your wedding and cut out what you don’t. It is that simple. You will be surprise that many of the so-called traditions are just blatant time-wasting activities. So, if you don’t feel cool following a tradition, cut it off and do it your way. 

Keep It Short But Not Too Short

Time is of essence in your wedding ceremony and keeping that balance between a short wedding, and a long wedding is very important. Many people have a short attention span these days, so, you might want to keep the ceremony short so that you have their attention throughout. You don’t have a lot of time. You are organizing a wedding ceremony not providing a dissertation help service. Ideally, your ceremony should last between 20 and 25 minutes. Keep it longer than this and might you lose your guests’ attention. Keep it shorter and you leave them confused, and wondering why you put together a ceremony in the first place. 

Make the Officiant Someone You Know and Connect To

The officiant is so important in a wedding ceremony, it almost feels like you cannot have a wedding without them. But then, can you? Whatever the case is, make sure the officiant at your wedding is someone you know and connect to on some level. You really don’t have to allow someone to be the officiant at your wedding if you do not know them beforehand. Unless, of course, you are cool with that. Get someone you know, it might be a member of your family or friend, that’s capable and would not mind officiating your wedding. If there isn’t, or you have to use a stranger, then it is a good idea that you meet them and get to know them before the day. 

Choose Your Own Music

There are traditional music that are usually played at weddings, especially at special times such as the bride walking down the aisle or after the couple is announced man and wife. But if you do not want to do the traditional thing, you should go for a song you love, one that you connect to, or has a meaning to you. It is your wedding, and there really is no rule that says you must play a particular song at your ceremony. Go for what you like and watch your guests dance to your tunes. 

Write the vows yourself

It is easy to read out few sentences from other people’s vows. But then, you know you are telling your partner someone else’s words to their partners. It is your vow to your partner, it just makes a lot more sense to write it on the paper by yourself. Let the words flow from your heart to theirs. It’s more refreshing for the both of you. You should ask your officiant for help if you are not so good with words. They are the ones who do it regularly, they should be able to help you. Just make sure you give your best paper writing service to your partner when writing your vows. You could as well pick out words from other people’s vows or just read them. It would go a long way in helping you. 

Plan with Your Guests in Mind

Planning your wedding with your guest in mind helps you to plan more effectively. Think of the last time you also attended a wedding as a guest. What were the things that they did that you liked? What got you bored and sleepy? How did you feel during the different part of the ceremony? These are questions that you ask yourself. Thinking about the comfort of your guests in this manner will help you to properly structure your wedding, and keep everyone happy. 

Know the Weather

It is really impossible to stress this enough, especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding. This will also depend on what season of the year you are having your wedding. You don’t want to have your guests soaked up in rain or snow for attending your ceremony right? So, you should have a plan B for a situation like this. You could get heating lamps or get a tent. Just act to make your guests comfortable on the day irrespective of the weather.


Your wedding day is about you and your partner. The guests are there to share in your joy. Without the both of you, there will be no wedding and no guests. So, you both should get involved in your ceremony planning. Do things the way you want it and not how everyone does it. Lastly, it is a ceremony, you should have a budget for it and stick to it strictly. You don’t want to spend all on the day, and pay dearly later. 

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