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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make after getting engaged is where you’ll get married. This is a choice that can carry a lot of weight, especially if you have family/friends traveling from all over the world. If you want to have peace of mind that you’re choosing the right place, the tips below can help. While a happy marriage can start anywhere, tying the knot at the right place can help make your day that much better.

1. Consider the Price

The cost of a wedding venue can be much more expensive than anticipated, especially if it’s one that’s high in demand. For this reason, it’s important to research prices ahead of time. If you know that one place is out of your budget, then it’s best to avoid seeing it in person to avoid overspending. For the places that you do see in person, discuss prices in-depth with the venue coordinator. This should include any extras, such as catering or a wedding florist, which may increase your budget.

2. Learn About the Amenities

Most venues are equipped with everything you’ll need to have a fantastic wedding. However, it’s important not to assume this will always be the case. Instead, talk to the venue about what amenities they have to offer. This may include an updated lighting/sound system, concierge for guests, kitchen and wait staff, transportation for guests, and bathroom attendants. Write down the details so you can compare each venue to see which offers the amenities you want the most.

3. You Can Choose Vendors

Many wedding venues have pre-selected vendors they work with that may be included in the price of your evening. While some venues will allow you to bring in your own vendors based on what you want, this isn’t the case for all of them. Some will not allow outside companies to come in, which can be frustrating. If you have your heart set on a particular wedding florist or catering company, then discuss this with the venue coordinator before you sign a contract.

4. Consider the Location

The location of the venue is important to consider because you’ll have guests traveling from all over just to get there. If the venue is in a location that’s far away from a big city, you may want to consider offering transportation to guests who won’t have a car to drive. However, if you choose a hotel or any other convenient wedding location, this can eliminate the need for extra transportation.

5. Get a Feel of the Layout

The layout of the venue should feel comfortable for the number of guests that you’ll be hosting. If the space is too small, then your guests will feel cramped and it can be difficult to walk around. If the space is too large, then it can make the space feel empty and sparse. Walk around the venue to see how it feels and if there’s adequate space for the guests you’ll have. You may also want to ask if the ceremony will be held in the same space as the reception and cocktail hour to determine ease of setup.

6. Research Online

Search the wedding venues you like online to learn more about what they have to offer and view photos. However, don’t limit your research to the venue’s website only. In addition to this, look at review websites to find out more about the experiences of other couples who have been married there. With these, you can learn more about the service, the decor, and the overall experience they had. Read both good and bad reviews for an overall better understanding.

Choosing Your Dream Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is a big step, so make sure you take your time to find the right one. From weighing the costs to considering the location, every detail will ensure you get married at the right place. Fortunately, once this is done, you can get started with the fun details that will make your wedding special and unique.