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6 Reasons To Have A Small Wedding

This past year has brought about many changes in the world, especially as the pandemic hit. One of these has to do with the manner of celebrating parties and other events. In the past, it was considered the norm to have big, grandiose parties, particularly for weddings. Perhaps you may have seen this all over the Internet, through wedding suppliers and even your family and friends who have gotten married many years back.

Today, however, it has changed. Small and intimate weddings are the new norm. This may pose a challenge to other couples who have quite a huge guest list. But, truth be told, having a small wedding won’t necessarily make your wedding less memorable. If anything, it can even make your wedding more special, fun, and fuss-free.

If you’ve long considered having a small wedding, but you’re just skeptical how to go about it, here are some reasons to have a small wedding:

  1. Budget-Friendly

Couples embark on their journey to forever with different financial capabilities. Some can afford to splurge, while there are those who have to work with a tighter budget. Whichever group you belong to, one thing’s the same: Weddings are expensive.

While there are many couples who take out a loan to make their dream wedding come true, this isn’t really a good route to take. Remember that your wedding is just one night of celebrations. The real test of your relationship comes after that one night – during the marriage itself.

Once you start your life together, there’ll be other more important expenses you’ll have to cover. This would include your house mortgage, car, and, soon enough, your children.

Don’t start your marriage with financial troubles simply because you spent all your money on your wedding. Go for a small wedding! It’s the more economical and practical option. That way, you’ll still have enough money left to kickstart your future.

  1. Enjoy The Planning Process

A wedding is stressful to plan. The bigger it is, the more stressful it’s going to be. This is because you’ll have to consider many people. Along with that comes more seating, more food, more wedding invitations, and party favors. The list goes on and on. By the time the planning process is over, you’ll realize (unfortunately) that you didn’t even get to enjoy planning your special day.

With an intimate wedding, there are less things for you to worry about. It’s more fuss-free and will give you so much more leeway to just relax, take it all in, and enjoy the ride.

As you plan your wedding, your time also won’t be consumed by all the teeny tiny details. You can balance time more with your family, your fiancé, and even with your job. It allows you to plan more efficiently, spending quality time on the things that matter most.

  1. More Freedom To Plan

The number one restricting factor of big weddings that’s understated is the stress it gives on the planning. Because you have to cater to a large number of guests, you may have to set aside your dream destination in favor of another one that can accommodate your visitors.

This you wouldn’t have to do with an intimate wedding. Whether you’ve been wishing of a barn wedding, winter wedding, backyard, or even a destination beach wedding, these are all more feasible if you cut the guest list.

  1. Spend More Time With Guests

After the busy-ness of the pre-ceremony preparation and the wedding rites itself, by the time you get to the reception, you’ll surely be quite exhausted. All the more that this is true when you’ve got a huge guest list.

How can you spend time so happily with every one of your 500 guests? It’s just impossible. There’ll be guests you may not even get to notice until they go home.

With a smaller wedding, there’s that sense of togetherness and connection with your guests. It’s easier to spend quality time with these 100 visitors who truly matter to you. No guest will be left behind, and you won’t have to feel sorry for those you failed to greet and thank.

In an intimate setting, your guests are also more engaged. They’ll have a better experience being around people they’re familiar with and will also be more willing to participate throughout all the games, dancing, and merry-making that comes with a wedding.

  1. Freedom To Go Unique And Personalized

With a big wedding, it’s very difficult for suppliers to give you unique and personalized touches. This is because there are just so many guests to worry about.

With a small wedding, you can have vendors to create bespoke arrangements that’ll suit your style and preference. You have more freedom to make way for details that’ll make your wedding feel so personalized. Hence, every guest will also feel special. For instance, a fan for every guest on their seating arrangements? Your guests’ names on a table card where they’re seated? These many only be small touches, but they make a big impact on making your guests feel more welcomed and significant.

  1. Relax More

While wedding days are naturally quite tiring and long, you can shorten it to a great extent when you’re going for a smaller and more intimate one instead. For instance, dinner won’t have to be too long as there are now less people to serve.

Because the events are shorter, it also allows you to relax and savor each moment more. The more relaxed you are, the higher the likelihood that you can truly cherish and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime big occasion in your life. The last thing you’ll want is to sit down and recall your wedding day and find that you were only mostly stressed than relaxed and happy.



It’s safe to say now that your wedding is truly going to be one of the biggest days of your life. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life together as a couple. Rather than go for the big celebrations, if you’re the type to prefer a smaller gathering, then go ahead. A small wedding doesn’t mean that it lacks the elegance and charm of grander weddings. With the list of advantages above, hopefully they may have given you enough reason to say “I Do” to a small and intimate wedding of your dreams.