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5 Wedding Cake Cutting Knife Decoration Tips

Of course, everything at a wedding will be covered by your decorator. But what about a wedding cake cutting knife? A wedding cake cutting knife is one of the few things that’ll bring a personal touch into the celebration of marriage. 

Most weddings have the tradition of cutting cakes. It’s a joyous moment for both the guests and the couple themselves. However, if the knife is not perfectly decorated, it won’t look right beside the decorated cake. Again, if the decoration is too flimsy, it’ll make cutting the cake difficult.

Hence, we’ve come up with 5 wedding cake cutting knife decoration tips. It’ll help you with the entire procedure of selecting the perfect knives for yourself. Without further ado, let’s start!

How to decorate a wedding cake cutting knife-

  • Removable flowers: After you’re done selecting the perfect knife, you can decorate it with aesthetically pleasing flowers! They’re sold in sets in the market. 

However, you can also choose to make the little floral ‘cherry on top’ decoration yourself easily.

  • Embellished Ribbons: There are tons of ribbon decorations you can create on your knife. Not only will it make your knife look elegant, but also sophisticated and poised. 

You can choose to add a few pearls here and there, whatever suits your liking and matches the ribbon!

  • Bejewel your knives: Although this suggestion might sound a little cliché, when you look back at your wedding pictures, the blade will make sure to stand out amid all the decorations. 

You can use small crystals or plastic jewels to cover the handles of your wedding cake cutting knife.

  • Ornamented lacing: Another option for decorating your knife is through using dazzling lacing. There are many lace designs you can pick from and easily use temporarily. 

If you don’t want permanent decoration on your knife, using ornamented lacing is one of the best options you can select. They’re simple yet deliver a touch of gracefulness to your cutlery.

  • Engraved knives: You can also choose to engrave the blades with the initials of you and your partner. By doing this, you’ll be carving the memory of a lifetime within your knives. It can later be preserved as a souvenir.

Tips for selecting the perfect wedding cake knife:

  1. Use the ideal knife size:

There are two styles of serrated and non-serrated cake knives. For less-dense cakes with lighter textures inside and tougher outside, such as birthday and wedding cakes, use the serrated knife. 

For denser desserts, use the non-serrated knife with little contrast between inside and outside textures, such as nut-bread or cheesecake.

Don’t forget to consider the ratio of your cake to your knife. Choose a knife that’s many inches wider than the width of the cake. A strong scalloped edge is what you’ll want.

Choosing a serrated knife with lovely scallops, rising to a point with every little curve, will matter vastly in this selection procedure.

A thin and compact blade is also an essential factor, Don’t go for a heavy or stiff knife like a chef’s knife, and it’ll rupture the cake frosting. 

You do not require a sharp tip as not to poke into the cake. Let the long edge do the cutting, whether serrated or not. If you are forming irregular shapes, save tipped knives for carving info.

  1. Pick out the perfect theme:

Picking the theme of your wedding has a lot to do with choosing a knife. When you’re looking for how to decorate your wedding cake cutting knife, you’ll find tons of inspiring pictures from all over the internet. 

Let your imagination run wild by combining some inspirations in a mental picture for the theme. Later, you’ll be able to showcase it out to the world on your wedding day. You’ll be able to match your knife decor with the ambiance of your wedding as well.

You can also take inspiration about your dream wedding from Elegant Bridal Blogs and even consult them for a more personalized experience. 

How to cut a wedding cake:

Before beginning, wash your hands and stop touching your hair, nose, or something else. Don’t be the person whose grooming leaves people questioning if, after all, they still want to eat cake.

People are scared of knives – don’t be that person. Knife ability is where many home cooks have the least preparation, and yet it is the one region that can boost their kitchen knowledge the best. 

Hence, here are a few tips to cut your cake like a pro:

  • A turntable allows it easier for you to spin the cake and not stretch out awkwardly. To get layers of the cake in even thickness, maintain a strong grip, and place your blade horizontally over the cake. Cut through it in one go, and it should be cleanly cut.
  • It is essential to provide hot water alongside your cake. Run the blade under hot water while there’s a sink and scrub it between each cut with a clean kitchen towel. It would be enough for paper towels or napkins, but they get sticky fast, so keep reaching for fresh ones.
  • Place the thumb and index finger tightly on the sides of the blade itself for a more secure grip while cautiously preventing the sharp tip.
  • For a good clean cut, click straight down. Work to get through the layers quickly with the knife is warm. This leaves frosting smooth rather than smeared between layers.
  • On a circular cake, render the first cut in the middle all the way around. First of all, poking a knife tip into the middle and pushing onto the outside edge calls for trouble.


Your cake, the sweet finale of your wedding day, is the exclamation point of your celebration. Of course, you would want to do all of the cutting action in style. 

Hence, we hope you enjoyed reading about the 5 Wedding Cake Cutting Knife Decoration Tips as much as we enjoyed making them.

But, ensure to consult with your baker for any particular directions before you cut the first slice. You do not want to misplace the knife incorrectly and allow the structure to crumble. 

But, if no instructions are given, proceed to cut from the bottom layer, utilizing a wedding cake knife for a crisp, clean slice with a unique decoration touch of your own.