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(Updated for 2018)
By Layla Parker | ASleepyWolf.com

Being a wedding is one of the highlights of your life. Therefore, it is not surprising if you can see people feel a certain kind of high and suspense days before the big day arrives. It is a good feeling, to be honest. However, too much anxiety can make you sleepless.

To prevent this strange predicament, learn these five tips to get great sleep before your wedding. Once you can do these things, exchanging vows would be hassle free!

#1: Avoid Your Smartphone

One of the most significant impediments to sleep is your smartphone screen. The minimal radiation that it releases can lower the build-up of melatonin–a hormone for sleep.

I know that browsing your newsfeed and timeline is a good way to distract your restless anticipation. However, it is not an idea to do so, especially if you have big events such as a wedding. You can gain your calmness by reading a book or making a journal. In fact, a chit-chat with your friends can make you more confident.

These pleasurable activities can certainly put your mind into repose and your body into a mood for sleep. Trust me. I have been there.

#2: Say No To Alcohol

Any weddings call for celebration. It is a time where families and friends gather to catch-up with the lovebirds and make things smooth for them. Of course, alcoholic beverages are common amenities that you can see during these meetings. However, should you indulge yourself to the pleasure of the booze? Nope. It would help if you didn’t do it.

You can always drink beers and wines, but you shouldn’t do it before your wedding day. Remember: your goal here is to ensure that you are fully rested because a huge event is right ahead of you. A proper sleep must always be your priority.

Alcohol causes indigestion, which usually kicks in at dawn. Please avoid alcohol because of the hellish hangover that it can cause. If you want to sleep well, say no to alcohol.

#3: Have a Nice Sleeping Environment

One of the most probable reasons why you can’t sleep is due to the presence of distractions in your bedroom. Keeping your sleeping area clean and arranged might be the least of your priority throughout your wedding preparations. However, it would help if you never forgot it at all.

You can sleep better if your room is peaceful and clutter-free. The temperature should be cool, and the lighting should be regulated. Of course, having an ergonomic mattress can make things better for you. Lying on a comfortable and supportive mattress elevates your sleep quality.

However, don’t worry. Your options here are not all expensive. Finding a mattress that suits your budget is not that difficult. They are just sprawling in the market today!

#4:  Drink Milk

When we were still kids, our folks would let us drink a glass of milk before you sleep. It is like their secret recipe to make us fall asleep quickly. However, even as adults, the calming and restorative effects of milk and other dairy products are still welcomed. I do recommend that you prefer milk over other beverages before your wedding day.

You see, milk has a component called tryptophan. The latter is a natural sedative that can make your body calm and relax. It can prepare your body for a deep slumber. No medications are necessary to achieve such kind of relaxing effect.

I do recommend that you go with hot milk than cold milk. It is better that way. The hotness can make you feel cozy. It will relieve you from your stress and unnecessary anxieties.

#5: Exercise

Preparing your wedding can be an exhausting thing. The stress typically builds-up as the big date draws near. However, none of these preparatory steps is considered as an exercise. Also, if you want to sleep soundly, doing some light exercises is a must.

Exercising can ensure that your body has released its energy. It enhances your health and attention. However, a good workout routine should always be done during the day. If you do this, your body will retire on the night without any struggles. After all, your muscles are already tired because of continuous locomotion.

On the other hand, grinding hours before you are going to bed will disrupt your sleep. Never exercise on the night before your wedding. Sleeping would be a burden if you will persist.

Wrapping it Up

Just like I said earlier, being jittery before your wedding is normal. Couples, even those that have been together for a long time, can still feel such a sensation. It is exciting but stressful at the same time.

Sleeping correctly can conquer all these odds. If you want to be on your best shape during your wedding day, an ample amount of rest is necessary. The tips that I have given here will certainly help you with that.

That’s it for now. I hope that you can go through your wedding without any flaw and accidents. Just don’t worry about anything and enjoy the moment. For other questions and suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio:

My name is Layla Parker, the founder of ASleepyWolf.com. At this site, our team is going to bring you a lot of reliable and useful information about sleeping and everything related to it such as the therapies that improve your sleep, the ways of sleeping you should try, all the products you use every day that affects directly to your sleep, your health, and your life.