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5 Tips to Feeling & Looking Your Best
on Your Wedding Day!

Article By www.lavitaura.com

Every detail comes crashing down when planning this once in a lifetime wedding! The caterers, venue, band/DJ, photographer, wedding party, but how about the most important detail of all? Do you love the way you feel for your wedding? Or are you dreading to go wedding dress shopping? Are you nervous that the sales consultant will look at you with judgment? Listen up! This is YOUR day; the goal is for it to go YOUR WAY. Being proactive and taking control of how you feel in your wedding dress will make all the difference. Here are five tips to getting the ultimate results for your wedding:

#1 Make Yourself and Your Fitness a Priority
Yes, life gets busy and yes wedding planning may come with added stress, but we guarantee you’ll be more capable of handling planning your wedding if you feel mentally and physically better.

#2 Plan It Out
Plan how far away your wedding is and what fitness goals you want to reach by the big day. This way you have an idea of how much time you have. Writing goals down starts giving you accountability and makes it real, not just some distant goal that you may or may not get to in time.

#3 Take time to do something active and healthy every day
Find a time slot in the day and stick to it! Even if it’s only for thirty minutes or an hour, find an activity that you enjoy that has you moving once a day. By finding an activity you enjoy, it will naturally become a fun, daily routine. Trust us, the endorphins will kick in, you’ll feel more energized and ready to keep tackling the rest of your day.

#4 Never give up on yourself
You deserve to look and feel your best for your wedding. Progress takes time and it does take dedication, but it is so worth it. You are worth it! The results will show, but they take time and discipline. Positive energy yields positive results. Surround yourself with encouraging people who will help you to reach your goals! Your fiancé should be your biggest fan, supporting you throughout the entire process!

#5 Ask for help
If it’s too overwhelming to figure out how to get into a healthy lifestyle routine, and you don’t know where to start, ask for help! Find a person you can trust to help guide and support you towards being stress free. La Vita Aura: The Ultimate You is an online health and wellness-coaching platform that does exactly this. La Vita Aura custom designs a fitness program that best suits your needs based on your lifestyle and how far away your wedding is. You can say goodbye to overwhelming grocery shopping trips because we will create a personalized nutrition plan for you with fun recipes to eliminate the guesswork and stress. We have coaches that will stand by you, work with you and be there with any questions you may have along the way.

Life has enough unknowns. Don’t let the way you feel and look on your wedding be one of them! Beauty comes from within, it comes from confidence and loving yourself so treat yourself right!

* La Vita Aura – online health & wellness coaching to help people become wedding ready through customized workouts, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management.

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