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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Many couples enjoy planning the perfect honeymoon early alongside the wedding, because it’s an amazing treat to look forward to following the seemingly endless intricacies of the wedding planning! When organizing the perfect honeymoon escape, whether it’s filled with adrenaline-fueled adventures or slow paced culture, here are my 5 top tips you should consider to help you achieve the honeymoon of your dreams.

Planning a Honeymoon: Where to Go?

Whether it’s the Northern Lights in Iceland, a lava flow in Hawaii, or spending time with your loved one on the immense Great Wall of China: the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination! 

In an ideal world, you might wish to choose somewhere that neither of you have ever been before, somewhere where you can cherish completely new experiences. 

Have a think about what you both like to do: as lots of destinations offer a variety of activities and you might want to travel and explore around. It’s likely you might not want to stay put in the same place for the full duration of your honeymoon, and a greater range of excursions can produce the holiday of a lifetime.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon: Be Original!

Lots of couples fall into the trap of travelling to destinations that their friends have visited on their honeymoons. Even though you may have similar interests with your friends, just because it was the perfect honeymoon for them does not mean it’s right for you!

Carefully consider the things that you enjoy doing the most and try to broaden your horizons to open you up to a completely original honeymoon that’s tailored to your needs.

Pick Your Favorite Activities

Many couples choose beach holidays for their honeymoon, to enjoy spending long lazy days on the beach, soaking in the sun and sipping cocktails while they relax in pure bliss.

Others crave action and movement, or artistry and knowledge. Skiing, windsurfing or scuba diving is a perfect honeymoon for some, whilst for others museums and art galleries might be their calling.

Try and be open-minded when planning a range of activities for your honeymoon, as it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Going outside of your comfort zone might be just what it takes to open you up to some of the best activities of your life.

Sometimes a Compromise is Necessary

For many couples when going on honeymoon, a certain amount of compromise is necessary for the trip. With some lazy days by the pool tempered with some active days going off to explore new and exciting things. 

Learning the art of compromise on honeymoon is the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of your lives together, coming up with a plan that you are both happy with, each indulging the other’s pleasure as well as making time for themselves to ensure that the marriage is evenly balanced, and not at all one-sided.

I would suggest you work together to look for destinations that offer a range of experiences you can enjoy, and hopefully do some things you’ve never done before!

Read Reviews

When you are planning where to go and which activities to undertake, make sure you read genuine unbiased reviews – avoid reviews on the hotel or resort’s website, as a rule, as they tend to pick only the best reviews to feature which can leave a misleading impression! Independent travel review sites will help give you a clear idea for the quality and value of potential hotels and excursions. 

Whilst I stress this, do not let some occasional negative reviews put you off completely. There will always be some people who are overly critical, and might write poor reviews because of minor issues that are quickly rectified.

Planning a honeymoon should be fun and exciting, whilst you and your partner get to enjoy choosing all your travel destinations and activities to experience after the big day! The perfect honeymoon is one that is simply unforgettable and will enhance your union.


Megan Harrison, is a relationship therapist from Tampa Bay, FL and is the founder of Couples Candy – a website dedicated to helping people experience greater enjoyment and satisfaction from relationships! She loves traveling, sports and has a strong passion for listening and improving communication between couples.