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5 Tips for Planning a Wedding during COVID

Despite being a virus, COVID is not something that only health professionals or patients deal with. It is a sickness that the whole world has to deal with, in every single aspect! Quite annoying, we know.

Its influence and impact extend to our big days as well. And of course, our once-in-a-lifetime big even seems to have been affected most, i.e., the wedding day. People tying knots in these times are suffering in particular, because their joy on their big day comes with loads of complementary worries.

Here we have compiled just a few tips to help you get through with this day successfully and cut down the worries to all possible extents.

To avoid any mishaps on the big day and make your wedding day much lesser of a subject to worry about, here are a few tips that you can use:

  1. Book the Venue Beforehand

Even under normal circumstances, weddings always come with pre-event preparations. You have to arrange the wedding rings beforehand. You have to get the cards printed, the day decided, and whatnot. The presence of COVID in our atmosphere has added yet another item to the list, i.e., venue. 

Since gatherings are not permissible for safety’s sake and public places require ventilation for sufficient time, venues are becoming too difficult to book. Several people are booking beforehand, which is giving rise to longer cues of the wait. Thus, it is advisable to book your dream venue at least three to six months before your wedding day.

  1. Keep Extra COVID Sanitary Supplies Ready

Ask your guests to follow complete SOPs when they arrive at the venue. However, if someone shows up all dolled up but without a mask, you cannot ask them to go back. Can you?

Hence, it’s best to keep a good supply of masks, hand sanitizers, and other required sanitary supplies ready at the venue. In case someone needs it, you should be ready to cater. Also, ensure that the venue gets fully cleaned and sanitized before the event.

  1. Prioritize Flexibility

Well, we know you have planned this day for years. You want a grand buffet with a traditional serve-yourself style. But well, the present times ask for amendments. It’s best and safer to individually serve guests at their respective tables rather than executing your grand plans.

Keep reminding yourself: what do we have as a priority here? Exact transformation of dreams into reality or a truly wholesome and memorable day? The latter. And hence, it’s best to keep a flexible mindset when planning your wedding.

  1. Prepare Plan A and Plan B

Outbreak. We’re safe. Lockdown. No lockdown. Appreciating cases. Depreciating cases. Release of the vaccine. A newer strain. And whatnot.

If anything at all, the novel coronavirus has taught us how to deal with uncertain situations quite too well. Today, we live in a world where definite plans rarely get successfully executed. Newer news is likely to disrupt that which we had decided.

Hence, when planning your wedding day, prepare two different plans, i.e., Plan A and Plan B. Of course, we advise the two plans to be scheduled for the same day, so that your guests do not have to wait. Keep two venues ready, perhaps a hall and your home. Just in case there’s a piece of sudden, unfortunate news and you cannot use the public venue.

Also, maintain a smooth flow of communication with your guests so that they remain updated about the new changes and updates in plans.

  1. Invite Everyone (Smartly!)

Well, you must have been reading or listening: keep the gathering small! But well, we advise you otherwise. It is your only day, and you cannot recreate it for everyone. So, why compromise? Invite everyone!

Of course, we know there are health concerns involved. Hence, here’s a smart way to share your big day with all of your friends and family: video call! 

Remember, modern problems require modern solutions, so you better act as you live in the 21st century! Defeat coronavirus’s nasty plans, and enjoy your day to its fullest!