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 5 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Best Man 

Considering your best man knows all your secrets and embarrassing stories, it would be wise to get him a memorable gift to show just how much you appreciate him. 

The gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive or an ultimate grand gesture, but anything that shows you genuinely care about the friendship and his help will go a long way. Whatever your best man’s interests may be, there are some perfect gift ideas out there that will make anyone excited.  

Not to mention, these gift ideas on this list are perfect for ensuring your best man keeps the embarrassing stories to himself when talking to your future in-laws, we definitely don’t want that to happen.  

Which ones?

Read on to find out.  

1.Personalized Hatchet 

Can you think of anything more fun that throwing around a hatchet with your best man? This personalized hatchet is the epitome of fun and is a perfect token to show your best man that your friendship of adventure will continue to thrive on no matter the case.

Now you guys will have an excuse to throw around an axe for fun. It’s a win win situation. Just be sure not to get into too much trouble. 

Personalized Groomsman Gift Mini Hand Axe, $19.95,


  1. Personalized BBQ Grill Set

Barbecues with life long friends are the small things in life that make it great. Giving this beautifully crafted BBQ Grill Set will encourage even more of these backyard gatherings. 

Whether your best man is a grill master or just likes tosses a few burgers on the grill every once in a while, this gift will pay itself. Just imagine when he’s cooking you a juicy medium-rare burger or a gigantic steak with the various tools that come with it. 

Personalized BBQ Grill Tool Set, $58.87,


  1. Personalized Bar Sign

Every man needs his man cave, and having a bar sign to showcase it is the icing on the cake. 

Let’s admit this, the majority of guys are bad at interior decorating so you would be doing your best man a favor by making his walls less bare. Regardless if the room is an actual bar or just a video game area, this sign will look good anywhere. 

The wooden aesthetic makes the environment feel even more authentic and raw. 

Personalized Neighborhood Tavern Barrel End, $152.99,


  1. The Sudski

We can’t go through this list without adding a bit of a gag gift. The Sudski is a funny gift that has actual functionality. The idea of having a beer in the shower is silly and childish, but that’s exactly the idea you want to instill with your best man. 

Delay the effects of growing up by getting your best man this gift that he will see every time he goes and takes a shower. This gift is so cool you might have to get one for yourself too. 

Sudski Shower Beer Holder, $14.99


  1. Personalized Beer Caddy

A wise man once said, there is always time to have a beer with a friend. You best man has been helping you this entire time so why not let him continue doing what he’s good at? 

This beer personalized beer caddy is a perfect gift for a best man who loves a good beer and have a couple cold ones with friends. With an attached bottle opener, there is no excuse on why he can’t be the one to bring the drinks every time, just make sure he chills them before he carries them over. 

Personalized Beer Wood Caddy, $59.95,