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5 Ideas How to Prepare for Your Floral Design Meetings

Flowers are essential for weddings. Even if your budget is limited, and your wedding is small, you’re still going to have at least a bouquet and a few floral arrangements. 

Statistics show that flowers make up 7% to 8% of the average wedding budget. In fact, brides and grooms end up spending between $2,000 and $3,000 for bouquets and floral arrangements. That’s because they add freshness and color to the ceremony, and are a symbol of love and life. But how can you make sure that you spend your funds on the right blooms and arrangements? In this article, you’ll learn five tips to prepare for your floral design meeting and make sure that your money is well-spent.

  1. Get Inspired And Start A List

The first step towards picking your flowers and arrangements is to get inspired. Pinterest is a great social platform full of ideas. So, start creating a board just for flowers. Pin everything that you like and trust your intuition. Then, you can talk to your partner or your wedding party and narrow down the list of pins. 

By the time the floral meeting day arrives, you should have about two or three pins that reflect your style and wedding. You can even bring fabric swatches, torn out pages from magazines, or anything that can express the specific shade and vibe you want for your ceremony. Don’t forget to present a sketch of your venues.

Lastly, prepare a list of questions for the floral designer.

Take your time, and don’t panic if you’re indecisive. The key is to get informed and be patient. You’ll learn to choose the best flowers by improving your knowledge of different blooms and arrangements. So, start pinning the ideas that truly inspire you.

  1. Color

The central aspect of flower arrangements is color. Make sure that you have the palette of your wedding in your hands while pinning photos. Remember that the colors in the edited pictures may reflect light differently in real life. Also, consider lighter arrangements as they look the best in photos.

Additionally, when you meet with your floral designer, ask them about shades and undertones. Do you want a cool-toned or a warm-toned wedding? Also, do the ceremony and reception have the same theme and energy? Your floral professional can help you answer these questions and offer solutions.

  1. Make It Special

Remember that it’s your wedding, which means that you can customize everything to match your style and wishes. When you choose floral arrangements, consider adding a personal touch to the flowers. 

Maybe you want family photos included in your floral centerpieces. Or perhaps you want everyone to wear a decorative bracelet with daisies. For example, one of our clients worked as a blogger and a freelance writer for an essay writing service UK. She wanted something to remind her of the passion she has for writing. So, we advised her to add her favorite pen to the bridal bouquet. We also wrapped arrangements in a band with handwritten words.

Additionally, you may want to consider the guests at your wedding and the symbolism of flowers. Some of your family and friends may be allergic to specific flowers, so ask your guests to specify if they are allergic. Moreover, some flowers may be more pertinent to your culture than others.

Last but not least, don’t compromise on your bouquet. Even if brides spend only around $99 on their bridal flowers, remember that it’s going to appear in the majority of photos. So, make sure that you adore it. 

You can add your very own touch to your bouquet as well. Maybe you want to wrap your bridal flowers in the scarf you wore when you met your soon-to-be husband. Or perhaps you want your grandmother’s brooch to be attached to your bouquet. Whatever unique item you want, add it to your flowers. This way, your bridal bouquet will help you tell your story that lasts forever through photos.

  1. Be Open

Everyone should try to get better at choosing from a myriad of alternatives. But try to be open to different options. When you meet your floral designer, you may find out that the type of bouquet you want doesn’t look like in the photos, or that it’s too expensive.

Remember that there are a series of blooms that you can choose from, and they all have different scents and shades. Listen to your designer, and don’t stick to only one style. As long as the flowers fit into your color pallet, they can become part of your arrangements. Even if folk elements inspire your wedding, your flowers can add a little touch of modern.

Here are three unusual and versatile blooms:

  • Succulents. These plants come in unique shapes and vibrant shades of green. They are visually pleasing, and they work well with most flowers, colors, and styles.
  • Sunflower. If your wedding is farmhouse-themed, this flower is a must in your arrangements. Sunflowers can bring life and light into your bouquet and other floral compositions.
  • Pansies. These flowers have beautiful petals that come in various colors. You can choose to keep them in pots at your wedding and then gift them to your guests so that they remember your wedding day.
  1. Budget

As previously said, couples spend a lot of their savings on wedding flowers. But you don’t want to compromise on other aspects just because you chose expensive bouquets.

When you meet with your floral designer, tell them about your budget. They will help you maybe compromise on your vases, instead of sacrificing your bouquet. Also, if you have extra time, you can DIY your vases and ornaments.

Keep in mind that buying local and in-season blooms will save your budget while being environmentally friendly. 

Alternatively, you can recycle plants from weddings. For example, the sister of the client we mentioned earlier is also a freelance writer. She works for travel agencies and best paper writing services, so she frequently travels around the world. As the amateur gardener that she is, she managed to collect many unique flowers from the places she visited: lavender, orchids, and even roses. She then decided to pot, grow, and multiply them herself for the wedding. This way, her flower arrangements came from around the world, even if she spent less than $1,000.

  • Conclusion

The flower arrangements depend on the venue, the color palette, and the budget. Some blooms are more affordable because they are local and in-season. Just remember to take your time, get better at narrowing your list of ideas, and communicate with your floral designer.

Becky Holton is a talented freelance writer specialized in case study help. She is also a blogger who loves writing about fashion, weddings, and food. During weekends, she enjoys long walks on the beach and spending time with family.