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5 Essentials Every Newly Married Couple Will Need

A new marriage brings together two people who will share a new interconnected chapter of their lives. For this next chapter of their lives, you will want to ensure that they are ready for what is to come and that means having the essentials; however, deciding on a gift and picking the perfect present is not always the easiest task. If you are not sure where to start, here are 5 key essentials that every couple needs to embark on their joint journey together.


While they are likely two households coming together, it can be useful to start with the bedroom. The ability to curate the perfect space to rest and relax is a great way to start fresh for any new couple. Creating a serene environment, filled with soft materials and supplies to support a good night’s rest will help any couple prepare themselves for a peaceful marriage. Everything from a mattress to box springs to sheets and comforters are essentials for anyone starting in a new home. Be a part of their journey to create a restful and restorative bedroom environment by gifting bedding.

Kitchen Tools

For any food aficionado, gifting kitchen tools is a great option. Not only can you help support a delicious future with food, but you can open up doors to new recipes, flavor profiles and ways to go about food preparation. Many couples have older tools that do the job but are not top of the line. To elevate their cooking experience, make sure that you have kitchen tools that can take their cooking to the next level.

Stand Mixer

You cannot go wrong with the classic wedding gift of a stand mixer. Whether you are looking for a colorful add-on to the newlywed’s kitchen or a gift for the baker in the family, a stand mixer can be the perfect accent to any newly married couple’s kitchen. To take the gift one step further, purchase some of the attachments, like the pasta maker, so that they can have adventures beyond baking. If you are going for an accent color, stick to the registry or ask the couple so that you don’t clash with their color scheme, as this can be an area to go wrong. If you are careful with color choice, you cannot go wrong with a stand mixer.


As the newlywed couple steps out onto their own, they also need to have the right tools to keep their home clean. While a gift basket of cleaning products is sweet, if you want to go a bit more extravagant, pick up a vacuum. Not only can you help keep their home clean, but you can also increase their cleaning efficiency and make it easier to keep their new home neat and tidy. If a standup, elaborate vacuum is outside of your price range, gifting a smaller handheld vacuum can also be a key essential for any new home. The portability and ease of use can make cleaning a breeze.


Within any home, there are bound to be issues that come up. If you want to prepare the newlyweds for anything, make sure that you give them a set of tools. While many apartments have individually or professionally managed maintenance, a newly purchased home will not come with that luxury. This can be especially helpful when the couple is moving from an apartment to their own home where they will be responsible for their maintenance. This is why a set of tools can come in handy. Even if they have a few individual pieces, having a comprehensive set in its case can make maintenance easy and convenient.

Setting up the newlyweds for success means that you need to supply them with everything they need to start on this new chapter. If you want to prepare them but are not sure what to purchase, these 5 essentials will be the perfect option. You cannot go wrong with these perfect presents.