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5 Creative Steps to Write an Unforgettable Wedding Toast

If the bride and the groom choose you for the wedding toast, it means they believe in your ability to give the best delivery. Think about the best wedding toasts you’ve ever heard what stood out? I bet the speaker at the time made people burst out in laughter, and you’re wondering how to math up their effort. 

Well, it’s not that hard to deliver a killer toast at a wedding. As long as you know the couple well, you’ll be able to get to the audience with your toasts. Just make sure you stick to the point. After all, people don’t come to a wedding to listen to a long speech, but rather to celebrate a union. 

You can go as far as preparing a speech and seek paper editing services so that you don’t deliver a grammatically incorrect speech. Here is how to go about it in 5 simple steps.

  1. Get the Attention of the Crowd 

This should be a tactical move so that you get the crowd’s attention without a huge fuss. Clicking on the champagne glass with a spoon usually works because people in weddings have grown to associate it with toasts. 

Ensure that immediately people settle down, you begin with your toast. This way, you won’t take up too much of their time. 

You can also speak softly into the microphone to get people’s attention. Whatever works for you, go with that.

  1. Be Succinct 

Once people are quite, go straight to the point so they know you’re delivery the toast. Don’t beat around the bush with details that do not matter at the time. Keeping at concise as possible is the way to go because people’s attention span in weddings is very short.

A detailed account of friendship with the couple might seem appealing to you, but you’re better of talking about something everyone can relate to. You can throw in short stories but ensure they’re relevant. 

  1. Be Appreciative 

This is very important because not many people get the opportunity to deliver a toast at a weeding. You know that the couple had many other friends, but they chose you. Also be complementary of the couple and show your solidarity with their union.

  1. Be Sincere 

Never lie when you’re delivering a toast. Be as sincere as possible and ensure very account you include in your speech is not fabricated. A toast is a very essential part of a wedding, and lying just messes things up. 

  1. Practice 

This is the most important of all; practice your speech before the wedding day. You could present it before your friends and see what they think. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity, and you want to make sure you kill it. 


Wedding toasts, like any other speeches require a lot of practice. Make sure that you deliver a succinct and honest toast that everyone in the wedding can relate to. Get straight to the point because people want to get back to being merry and having a good time.