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4 Tips for the Perfect Brows on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be the happiest, most perfect day of your life and as the centre of attention, every bride wants to look her best on her special day. 

Of course, saying yes to the dress is the most important decision when it comes to the wedding day look, but there are many details that deserve special attention, like skincare and haircare. A modern bride knows how important eyebrows are for a fabulous makeup look, but may be lacking inspiration on what to do with them.

So we’ve prepared the ultimate list of tips and treatments for getting your brows on point for the big day. 

And hey, why not have the groom have his brows groomed a bit? Tidy brows aren’t only reserved for the ladies, men too can try these tricks and see what works for them. 


Bushy brows are in, but many brides feel they need to look tidy on their wedding day. There are many methods of removing stray hairs and shaping brow arches, but the good old tweezers are definitely outdated, and waxing can be aggressive and cause unattractive skin conditions like folliculitis.

That’s why we recommend threading as the go-to shaping method for eyebrows. It uses no chemicals, there’s no heat, and it’s absolutely safe for the skin. It also allows for more precision than waxing, provided you go to an experienced technician. There’s also no risk of ingrown hairs, so there will be no last-minute surprises on the big day.


Microblading is quickly becoming the no. 1 most popular brow treatment in the world, and for a good reason. This is a permanent makeup treatment, which means it gives the illusion of wearing makeup without actual makeup. Instead, eyebrows are enhanced by injecting organic pigments into the skin.

A relatively non-invasive procedure, having your brows microbladed gives very subtle but effective results. Giving a your-brows-but-better look, microblading is perfect for brides who are going for a classic, elegant look.

One thing to keep in mind, though, if that you should get this treatment in advance. Highly experienced PhiBrows Canada microblading artists suggest getting the treatment about 3 months before the wedding, so there’s enough time for the skin to heal and get the touch up. It’s also a good idea to give yourself some time to adjust to your new look, so you feel 100% confident.

Permanent makeup is a great time-saver in general, and it can definitely make your life easier not only on the wedding day itself, but also on your honeymoon and in the exciting weeks to come, as the results last up to 18 months.

Brows Tint

Brow tinting is a great choice for brides who have thin and light eyebrows. Regardless of the color of your hair, having your brows, well, visible can completely transform your facial features and make your eyes pop.

Tinting is done by applying semi-permanent eyebrow dye (never use hair dye to your eyebrows!) on the brow hairs. The tint should be a couple of shades darker than your natural color. It will make any invisible hairs show up, which will give you fuller arches without sparse patches. Of course, you can remove some stray hairs, but you’ll have a good base for modifying the shape further.

It’s a quick process that takes from 15 minutes at a salon to about half an hour at home, although we recommend going to a certified tech – better safe than sorry! The results will last 4-6 weeks as the dye gradually washes out and new hairs replace old ones.

Brow Growth Serum

If you’re planning on rocking your natural, untouched brows for your wedding day, it’s a good idea to increase the number of hairs you have and improve their thickness and strength. 

Brow growth serums have been around for a while, but they only started getting the attention they deserve in the past couple of years. With the rise in popularity of bushy brows, the formulas of brow serums have significantly improved, so results are now more or less guaranteed, given you start using the product on time and apply it regularly, twice a day.

Brow experts suggest you start using the serum at least 4 months before the wedding. Bear in mind, though, that some experts claim microblading is not safe for clients who’ve been using brow growth serums, so if you do decide to have them modified in some way, steer clear of permanent makeup.

And Remember…

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your big day. It’s not the dress nor the venue nor the doves that make the day perfect; it’s the fact that you’re marrying your soulmate and embarking on the most exciting journey of your life.

Even if you didn’t have time or energy to deal with your brows, it’s your smile that will make your glow in the photos. So relax and enjoy the day! Congratulation!