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4 Tips for Newlyweds Settling into a New Home

As newlyweds moving into a new home together, you want it to be perfect. You want a happy home, not something that becomes a sore point between the two of you. This is why open lines of communication and easy compromises are most beneficial to keep newlyweds remaining happy ones. To help you along, here are 4 tips for settling into your new home better. 

  1. Start Fresh with a New Bed

If you’ve left an old home and are moving in together for the first time, then one or both of you may have old beds that you’re thinking of bringing along. Avoid that if you can. Most old mattresses are worn, unsupportive, and could even be a sore point for one or both of you. 

Choose a mattress that you both find offers the best sleep. Consider things like back support, warmth, and the sleep posture that you both have. For instance, side sleepers need different mattresses compared to people who sleep mostly on their backs. Once you’ve figured out the type of mattress that will match both your needs, then look out for the best Cyber Monday mattress sales to get a great deal on it too. 

  1. Plan the Décor & Layout Together

Talk about the décor and furnishings you’d like in your new home together. The new décor needs to be a blend of both your tastes otherwise neither of you will be happy with it. So, work together to come up with a color palette and decorations that will be pleasing to both your eyes. Find useful compromises giving ground where you’re indifferent to either choice, so you can put more emphasis in areas that matter more to you. 

One of the risks when merging your lives is that you’ve got at least two of everything. If you haven’t lived together before, then it’ll be necessary to cull your possessions to avoid overstuffing your home. FreeCycle, donate, or sell items that aren’t needed any longer. Also, if you’re someone who prefers to be minimalistic, then discuss this need. Find a way to balance this out. Perhaps a private office with minimal design will cater to this preference while other areas of the home have more furnishings? This is a good way to handle it if your partner isn’t also a minimalist. 

  1. Be Organized

You might also want to make a list of the tasks to complete for the new home. Use a To-Do list app where you can both have it installed in your smartphones. If you don’t both either use Android or iOS, then pick a cross-platform task management app like ToDoist. Create a separate list of tasks relating to the new home. Plan to allocate the tasks between yourselves, so you can both see who’s doing what. Sit down together to decide who’ll be responsible for what, to avoid minor squabbles over who gets to decide. 

  1. Figure Out the Finances

While you’re moving into a new home, be sure that you’re on the same page financially. Some couples don’t have this discussion before they choose to get married, while others do. You’ll want to be on the same page before moving into the new home because higher expenses might make money tighter than before. Clarity over who’s responsible for which expenses avoids getting into disputes over money. It’s a leading cause of marital strife, so it is best to be intentional about preventing this. 

By using advanced planning and knowing what page you’re both on, it avoids the chance that moving into a new home will be overwhelming. With a clear list of tasks and who’s responsible for them, the home can stay a harmonious and happy one too.