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4 Questions About How Coronavirus Could Affect Your Wedding

When you start planning your wedding, you do not even imagine that a global pandemic will come, will force many countries to take lockdown measures and will impact every industry on the planet. But this is exactly what happened even if no one was ready for it.

Even though the quarantine has ended in many countries, governments still hold some restrictions and limit public gatherings with a high number of people. These are necessary, as the novel coronavirus is spreading very fast and easy and can be lethal for more vulnerable people.

Besides concerts, movie festivals and bars and restaurants, brides and grooms to be from all over the world find themselves swimming through uncertainty. If you are among the ones that should get married in the near future or this year, you already know all the questions that may go through your head. 

Should I postpone or cancel my wedding? If I should postpone it, when should it be? How can I better protect my guests? Will the format of my wedding change? The list can go on, as to organize and plan a wedding takes time and effort and there are a lot of small things and details you need to take care of.

We come to your help and we have compiled and answered a list of 4 questions on how coronavirus could affect your wedding.

  1. Should I Postpone my Wedding?

Even though countries make efforts to keep the pandemic under control, the level of uncertainty is high. Everything the governments do depends on the evolution of the novel coronavirus. They began to ease lockdown restrictions step by step, but we still have a long way to go until we return to the world as it was before. And this pandemic will likely change our perspective on events, diseases, and our eating habits.

At the moment, weddings are not allowed. Or at least, not as we know them. In some countries, governments allow weddings to happen, but with a limited number of participants. And having a maximum of 50 guests at your wedding might look disappointing, especially if you organized a big one with lots of guests and surprises.

Many couples begin to postpone their wedding for this autumn or next year, but the truth is that everything depends on the evolution and spread of the virus. So, no one knows for sure what awaits us in the future. But most surely, weddings this summer will be different from before. If you want a more intimate wedding, you can still have it with a limited number of participants. But if you dream of a big and fairytale wedding, the best thing you can do is postpone it. When? This autumn or, most surely, next year.

  1. How to Disinvite Guests?

Many brides and grooms have decided to organize a smaller wedding, as some governments allow events with no more than 50 people. So, a nice and intimate atmosphere will make the wedding more special.

However, if you are among the ones that have over 50 guests to their wedding and do not want to postpone it, you need to disinvite some guests. This may be challenging as you now need to choose the closest friends and relatives you want besides you. And no matter how much you study the options, you simply cannot find the right way to do this.

Downsizing your wedding might be difficult, but there are other options as well. You can live stream your wedding or organize group video conferences to make sure everyone can be part of your big day one way or another.

  1. Will Coronavirus Have an Impact on my Dress?

It seems odd, but the answer might be yes. Many manufacturers and designers buy the raw materials they need, silk, cotton, and so on, from China. Because China was under lockdown for some time, the demand for raw materials has increased. They are working on fulfilling every order, but this may take time as the demand is high. So, your wedding dress designer might not have the materials he needs to craft it.

However, the most useful thing you can do is to talk with your designer. They usually have a Virtual Personal Assistant that can help you or you can directly call him. Some designers work with local vendors and material producers, others are looking for alternatives, so you might be among the luckiest ones.

  1. Will I Have to Cancel my Honeymoon?

Sadly, the answer to this question is yes. Most countries have introduced lockdown measures and have restricted travel within the country. Even though they all begin to ease the measures, the traveling industry will experience a hard start.

If you have booked plane tickets and accommodation in a severely affected by coronavirus area, you need to contact the travel company to discuss postponing. The healthiest thing you can do is to postpone it at the end of this year or the next year, depending on when you will have your wedding. Keep in mind that the travel industry is among the most affected ones and people are struggling to survive, as tourism has reduced to 0 these months.


Unfortunately, this year has been marked by a world pandemic that changed the lives and plans of everyone. Among the most confused and negatively affected are couples that were supposed to have their wedding this year. 

Because no one knows how everything will evolve, we still do not know if big weddings will be allowed this year. You can consider postponing or downsizing it. The same goes for your wedding dress, but this depends on your designer’s source of raw materials. Discuss with your travel company about your honeymoon and find together a solution.

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