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Ready or Not, Moving in!

The excitement of a new chapter quickly becomes clouded once you start adding up all of the things. Where do I put all of my chairs and end tables? Is your bed going to stay, or is mine? How much longer do I need to store my mattress in the garage, looking like a limp noodle?

These are all of the questions that were filling my head as I anxiously moved in with my new mans. *Disclaimer: I have one man, I just refer to him as “my mans”* We were excited, we were new, and we were in love. In love with the idea of each other and being together under the same roof. Now for newlyweds, maybe you don’t have all of this STUFF already, so you and your partner get to experience picking out decor and creating a style that fits you both.

For me, I was already well established in a “style” that I loved and preferred. So fellas, if you don’t already know, we’ve already decided on what “our style” is, so don’t even sweat it.  Yes we pretend to ask for your input, but I think we more or less just ask out of the kindness of our hearts!

So, our styles just didn’t mesh, like at all. I mean the house was your ideal bachelor pad, with a newly renovated kitchen and nautical decor, but this was the opposite of my style. Re-designing an entire house can become EXPENSIVE to say the least, and wasn’t something I was able to afford mid-summer, well because, teacher budget!

I needed to get creative and work with what I had, so to help lighten the space I swapped out dark, nautical decor with more neutral pieces. I knew the paint would need updating to really brighten up the space, but with a budget, swapping out dark decor and chairs really helped spruce things up for the time being!

I decided the kitchen is where I, well we, spent the most time. We loved cooking meals and trying out new recipes. I feel like this is how we really got to know more about each other. We’ve spent SO much time in our kitchen, cooking, dancing, laughing, creating, eating and just enjoying family and friends. I could see myself putting most of my budget towards this area of the house, and well, I did! I would need to dedicate an entire blog post to tell you all about our kitchen glow up. Stay tuned!

For now, I’ll share some tips on how to create an aesthetically, budget-friendly space for you and you partner, because after all, you are about to embark on a whole new chapter together.


Man oh man, do I wish some one was there to tell me this during the purchase of my first home! I work best under pressure, and then add some more to myself on top of it. So tackling an entire house, while finishing up my college degree, and student teaching, was…interesting!


I know we all hate those hand-me-down items, especially your Mom’s old couch, but hey, things are always replaceable when the budget fits! I know this couch might not be the most appealing piece of furniture, but you can make it look better with some throw pillows, and a chunky blanket. You can even purchase or make your own pillow covers if you really want to be cost effective.


Paint saves lives, I mean it. You can transform a room with a gallon of paint for under $40, and you will thank yourself for it. Skip lunch with the girls this week and put that money towards a gallon of paint, and maybe a new plant!

I’ve painted walls to change the look of a room, spray painted hardware, or planters that needed major TLC. You can paint just about anything to bring new life to it! Even your grandmother’s old dresser!

4. DIY

If you can’t do it yourself, learn how to. How to paint a room? There is a Youtube video for that. How to build a planter? There is a Youtube video for that. How to re-purpose furniture? There is also a Youtube video for that! You can tackle so many more projects this way, because the labor is tough, which makes it pricey!


You are making memories during this time, learning things about each other, learning how to work with each other. Have fun + share your sweet new space with family and friends. You should feel proud of your hard work!

About the Author:

Dane is a interior designer and influencer; sharing her love and passion with the world.