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35 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Wondering how to make your wedding stand out? Here are 35 ideas on how to amaze your guests and make the day even more special!

#1 Contests for Couples 

Are you sure you know your partner well? Check it and ask a series of Mr and Mrs quiz questions, from the easy ones like clothes size and to the trickier topics of the first pet’s name! Couples will absolutely like the activity which will help to learn more from one another. 

#2 Mirror People

These brilliant sparkling characters will delight the crowd. They burst out into dance moves and cast spectacular reflections on the surroundings!

#3 Silent Disco

Guests are given wireless headphones that can connect to various music channels. Your wedding party turns into a lot of singing and dancing like no one’s watching and lets your freak flag fly. It also can engage and bond your guests.

#4 Piñata

Having a piñata at your party is a great way to provide entertainment (fill it with treats you want to shower your guests with) and decoration (choose a wedding-perfect piñata, such as a cake shape or a heart). It will make your experience more fun, exciting, and memorable.

#5 Circus Performers

Acrobats, stilt walkers, fire dancers, jugglers, contortionists, aerial dancers will help you with an injection of the ‘wow factor’ to your wedding party. At Circus Guide Agency you can find the most popular options. Just let your imagination run wild and your guests will never forget this day!

#6 Magician

Magician’s performance includes comedy magic, mind readings, stage illusions, technological tricks, and lots of audience interaction. Magicians can entertain your diners from the stage or interact with guests individually. The mix of comedy and magic will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused, and amazed. 

#7 Bubbles

Hire a bubbleologist! Amazing bubble shapes will charm the children at your event and will be a real hit with everyone. Bubble sculptures, smoke bubbles, fire bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles you can stand inside, and tons more to delight and captivate guests of any age. 

#8 Wedding Illustrator

Give your guests a lovely souvenir of your unforgettable day – wedding guest portraits. It is also a unique opportunity to watch an artist at work. The illustrator can capture every important moment of the day like the bridal preparation or the first dance. 

#9 Mini Golf

Why not try something different for your wedding party? Hire a game of portable mini golf as a perfect way to keep the party guests busy and amused! Don’t forget to reward the winners!

#10 eSport Entertainment 

Modern computer games bring out a lot of excitement! Allow people to compete with each other in real-time in a virtual arena. Fans of cybersports will absolutely love it, while other guests can root for the players and make predictions about the winner! 

#11 Fireworks

Want to add some extra sparkle to your wedding party? Fireworks are one of the most spectacular forms of entertainment for sheer surprise and excitement. You can use specially designed firework messages to commemorate your party!

#12 Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles are a must-have at any party or event. You might associate these party inflatables with children, but if you’ve ever had a bounce as an adult, you know they’re enjoyable for all ages. Guests will love the chance of kicking off their shoes and having a bounce!

#13 Afterparty

The final dance at your party needn’t mean your celebration is over, keep the fun going for longer with an amazing Wedding Afterparty! You can continue dancing into the night or choose the idea of a chilled out late-night talk. 

#14 Singing waitress

Singing waiters can guarantee to get your guests smiling and joining in, and provide the best secret singing entertainment ever. Choose the best singing waiters, a song, and a perfect moment for a surprise! If you want to celebrate in style and impress your guests – it’s the right choice!

#15 Surprise First Dance

A surprise and choreographed wedding dance by the couple can be a treat at your wedding reception. Couples often choose funky, upbeat songs for their surprise first dance. If you have professional help and make an effort, you can plan your surprise dance to wow family and friends!

#16 Teach Something Unusual

Use your party entertainment idea to help your guests learn something new! Just don’t overdo it with educating 🙂 You can provide activities like salsa lessons, cooking exotic dishes, or painting. 

#17 Fortune-Teller

The mysteries of the world can be revealed at your party by mystical fortune-teller actors! The entertainer you choose can make a big impression on everyone. Their interaction with your guests will leave a lasting impression. So don’t be afraid to add some feast for the senses to make your wedding party exciting! 

#18 Photo Booth

Setting up a Photo Booth, be sure that your guests will have a blast. It can be a great babysitter keeping children occupied so that adults have some free fun time too 🙂 You can also create the perfect design for your photo booth to match the party style!

#19 Advice Cards and Predictions

Neat words of wisdom for your guests can make their day even more cheerful. You can leave Advice cards with each place setting and let your guests share their predictions.

#20 Giant Chess

Thanks to its enormous size, this game will be fun not only for chess lovers but also for people who’d love to have a new lovely photo on their Instagram! 

#21 Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will help you to make everyone feel engaged and have a lot of fun! Try to mention as many people as possible, making up creative nominations from the best dancer to the best man.

#22 Mini Talent Show

Singing, telling jokes, dancing, reciting poems, doing magic tricks, or scenes from a movie. A Talent Show Party Theme is a great way to show off your talent (or lack of) and have great laughs with guests. If someone doesn’t want to participate – it’s no problem. You need good audience members too. 

#23 Treasure Hunt

It can become an alternative to a well-known Bouquet Throw tradition! Leave clues around the place and start a game to find the bouquet! 

#24 Guess Who?

As adults, we sometimes overlook the pure joy that comes out of playing a great party game. “Guess who?” can become the center of attention at some moment of your wedding party and gather everyone to play! 

#25 Karaoke Booth

How about filming guests’ vocal efforts? Turn it into a hilarious video and show it at the end of the party.

#26 Slideshows

Make your guests laugh with slideshows of photos! You can hire a photographer to make live photos and show them to everyone at the end of the day!

#27 Helicopter Arrival

Wow your guests by flying to a wedding party! Make Sure there’s enough space for you to land 🙂

#28 Hire a DJ

DJ is a fantastic addition to your wedding party to both liven it up and to help sonically create the best atmosphere!

#29 Boat Trip

Enjoy a local seafood lunch with a glass of wine or light refreshment onboard with your guests. Don’t miss your chance to explore coastlines from the water and watch the stunning sunset!

#30 Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Photo Scavenger Hunt will let your guests capture the best moments of your wedding and bring out their competitive sides! You can choose winners by the number of likes on the pictures uploaded to Instagram with your wedding hashtag.

#31 Mini-Golf

If you’re hosting a summer wedding, set up a portative golf course for guests to enjoy!

#32 Doughnut Bobbing

This entertainment idea is both delicious and fun! String and hang doughnuts from a tree. Ask your guests to tie their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to catch the sweet prize!

#33 Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality is an awe-inspiring and innovative idea! Hire special equipment to make everyone experience an exhilarating, near-reality that is truly breathtaking. 

#34 Air Hockey Table

This high-energy game will bring out your competitive side. Air Hockey Table can provide hours of fun for your guests!

#35 Candy Floss Machine

Candy Floss Machine is a sure way to bring excitement to your reception with its white fluffy goodness! Choose it in the color of your party design!

We hope you’ve found your inspiration to make the wedding party memorable and impressive! Which idea did you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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