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3 Healthy and Effective Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Day

When your big day is finally set, it’s time to get everything in order. You’ll need to book a venue, decide on bridesmaids and groomsmen, and purchase the perfect wedding dress. You may also decide to lose weight to make sure you feel just right as you walk down the aisle. The most important thing to remember when beginning any weight loss plan is to make sure you practice safe ways to shed pounds.

1. Follow Safe Diet Tips

When you decide to lose weight, it can be overwhelming, especially if you want to do so quickly. There are many things to consider such as what type of diet to choose. It can also be hard to know which foods are truly healthy, especially since marketing is intentionally misleading. You may be wondering about the nutritional value of the foods you enjoy and might be asking yourself questions such as “is oatmeal good for weight loss?” Have no fear, there are some simple tricks to help you begin eating better right away so you can start to see results.

First, avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar gives you empty calories and affects your energy in a negative way by giving you a temporary sugar rush, then a crash that can make it hard to stay motivated.

Second, make sure you eat a lot of healthy proteins like nuts, beans and grilled lean meats. Protein is the secret to any weight loss plan because it helps you burn more calories each day.

Third, make sure you eat healthy carbohydrates. These include fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole grains like brown rice and whole raw oats. If you must cook your veggies, make sure they are steamed or lightly stir-fried; if you cook vegetables for too long, they lose many of their nutrients.

Finally, measure out your food portions to make sure you are not overeating or taking in more calories than you realize.

2. Stick to An Effective Exercise Plan

Another important part of losing weight is exercise. Working out will build muscle and burn calories making it easier for you to lose weight. You may be wondering which exercise program will work best. Though many people tend to focus solely on cardio when wanting to lose weight, training with weights is also important. Studies have shown that fitness regimens including both weight training and cardio resulted in greater weight loss than cardio alone. The key, once again, is to be safe with your plan. Be patient as you begin your new workout regimen, and set a schedule to help yourself stay on track. Many people find success by doing some form of cardio every day but alternating weight training to focus on arms and back every other day with legs and core on opposite days. To avoid injury, do not push yourself too hard at first; allow yourself to gradually work up to more weight, more reps and longer cardio training times.

3. Prioritize Sleep

Though it may be surprising, the amount of sleep you get can have a huge impact on your diet and fitness goals. Not only will a lack of proper sleep affect your energy level during the day and make it more difficult to be motivated to work out, but it can also sabotage your weight.

When people fail to get enough sleep, it causes the body’s hormones to get off balance, including the ones responsible for appetite control. You may therefore have even more cravings and have a harder time resisting unhealthy foods. Lack of sleep can also cause your metabolism to slow down which means that you will have a harder time burning calories. To allow your body to be at its most efficient, you need at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Make sure to set a bedtime and stick to it and also turn off lights and distractions so you can get to sleep more easily every night.

It is possible to lose weight safely so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day. Better eating habits, a consistent exercise plan, and getting good sleep will work together to give you fabulous results!