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2021 Wedding Trends for Colors, Decor & More

In 2021, the world did not resume. Rather it was reborn. 

People did not continue with, where and whatever they dropped midway, back when the pandemic became official. Instead, they repurposed and began from a new place and point.

Some did so because the pandemic time brought a new set of revelations and realizations. And some did so because the pandemic left them with no option.

Either, a change is a change. And the wedding industry is no exception.

The industry welcomed several new trends in terms of colors and decor at the beginning of this year. And for the better! Let’s have a look at a few.

Outdoor Gatherings

Familiar with the term New Normal? Well, yes. Outdoor seating is one of the many new-normal practices that we are embracing today. The novel coronavirus is likely to spread more readily in closed environments as compared to outdoor environments. Hence, be it restaurants or weddings, the world is preferring outdoor seating arrangements and gatherings.

It is giving wedding planners to try a hand at recreating a fairytale-like environment with lush tents and entrancing lighting. You can perhaps coordinate with your wedding planner, choose the right color scheme, and ask them to add a soft, dreamy ambiance to your wedding, which of course is backed with natural outdoor elements. Thus, keeping refreshing feels in check.

Mini Cakes

Cakes have always remained the sweet highlight of the wedding day.  Perched on an elegant stand, large three-tiered cakes have formed the tradition of weddings worldwide. However, in 2021, we are witnessing a new cake trend; mini cakes! 

Mini cakes are small-sized complete cakes that intend to serve one or two people only. After the pandemic, people are finding the idea very thrilling. It effectively addresses the need for the newer health and hygiene standard maintenance for weddings. 

What’s more, couples can customize these mini cakes to be a replica of the wedding theme or the main cake. Or, they can add different details to different mini cakes for a more fun-filled experience. Some couples have also played with flavor combinations to give their guests a surprise! 

Another trend growing together with the mini cakes is the preference for a single-tiered cake. The single-tiered cake takes the place near the wedding couple, whereas mini cakes make their way to the guests.

Floral Décor 

Perhaps, one of the most delightful trends that we witness in 2021 is the revival of floral décor at weddings. According to floral experts, this year we will be witnessing wedding flower décor going in harmony with the food and ambient colors. Couples will also be adding their personal touch by opting for meaningful flowers, but more than that, we will witness the décor complying with season, flavors, and colors.

To cater to this revival, we also see several dedicated names surfacing. For example, Supernova Wedding Design is doing an excellent job at bringing an array of options to wedding planners and hosts, especially when it comes to floral décor. 

What’s more, wedding planners are also integrating the lounge-idea with floral décor. They are recreating cozy lounge-like setups in outdoor tent weddings to give off a comfortable and warm vibe. 

Fresh Color Palettes

When thinking about a wedding, what color pops into your mind?  I bet; it’s white!

Having grown up in the culture of white weddings, imagining a colorful and vibrant wedding might sound like a strange concept to you. But, fresher color palettes are on the 2021 wedding trend lists! 

Believe it or not, a majority of weddings in 2021 have a theme comprising a diverse color scheme and décor. People are gradually moving towards color-rich and aesthetically-pleasing weddings than the usual white. 

The presence of multiple colors makes people feel more joyful and comfortable. Perhaps, this is why fresh flower décor, bolder colors, and playful activities form the essence of weddings held in 2021.

Online Presence

Distance. It is a term that has transitioned very smoothly from an ordinary term to a whole ideology and concept. The world has become compliant towards and developed an understanding of its need. More than that, we have learned to live with it and accommodate it.

We will witness this at weddings as well this year. Since travel is still more or less restricted, joining weddings via zoom or video-calling platforms will remain a prevalent thing. We believe this is a rather innovative trend. It saves on costs, encourages safety, and keeps us all together.

Warm Entertainments

Another trend of weddings in 2021 is to create a cozy and relaxing environment. For this, couples are incorporating a bistro-style décor, performances, and music options. What a fun way to host a wedding!

2020 has been a really mournful and blue year. People have experienced gloominess and isolation throughout the globe. Hence, with 2021, people are browsing for more and more ways to make things stress-free.