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2021 Engagement Ring Trends

Love is a powerful force. As of now, we’re all certain that not even the global pandemic can come in the way of love! Neither has the pandemic brought a stop to engagements. Everywhere in the market, you will find the trending and latest engagement rings dangling on display. Engagement rings are taking a versatile turn as couples and ring designers become more creative. At ringspo, we take you through a deep dive on the most trending engagement rings for 2021. You shouldn’t bother yourself with the dilemma of making a spectacular choice. Allow us to help you out. Read on.

 Band Style Rings

Landscapes of weddings are ever-changing and as such, designers are tailoring their services to band style engagement rings because they are increasingly becoming a bestseller. This is an ideal choice for a two-in-one situation and a perfect way to create a memorable engagement and make the engagement bond stronger. With the uncertainties coming along with the global pandemic, most weddings are facing postponement. With such cases, couples are looking for rings that will serve as both engagement and wedding rings. This is a choice you need to weigh as well.

 Classic Styles with Modern Twist

 With the global pandemic taking its toll on the planet, shopping is increasingly becoming virtual. This has led to a rise in classing styles for engagement rings. You need to be careful since what you see online may turn out to be poor quality when you receive it. So choose with a lot of care and scrutiny. Since you won’t be attending the showroom in person, you need to play safe with classing engagement rings styles. If you want to witness a pivotal moment in your life with your potential partner, it is time to dare classic styles such as 3-stone ring and solitaire.

 Going into the New Year should be a life-changing moment for you and your partner. Classic engagement rings styles offer stylish cuts like oval, round, and cushion that displays a spectacular diamond pop.

 Heirloom-Inspired Old European Cuts

 We are living in times where families are kept apart by the global pandemic. It is, therefore, not a surprise to see families opting for legacy and traditions as they identify suitable sparklers. This should sail you directly to engagement rings that have an heirloom feel. It is a perfect way to create nostalgic and memorable times as you reflect on the loved ones in your families and the generations that will come after you.


We highly recommend you go into 2021 with heirloom inspired engagement rings designs and remark on these trying times. Your partner and you are going to connect such modern love ordeals to vintage details to create legacies and uphold family traditions.

 Petite Side Stones

 Petite side stones are already rising to the top. Their beautiful diamonds makes them incredibly appealing. Dare this brand and sign your engagements deal with the love of your life. This is a great way to start the New Year with a remarkable event. This particular pick is getting refined with its designers adding more and more art into its making. Couples are choosing them because they are becoming more modern.

 North South East West

 Your new year should open a world of creative thinking and new perspectives on everything you do. North South East West Cuts are already gracing the market as we head to 2021. Seeing the NSEW prongs in styles should make you excited. They have a magnificent vintage spin on traditional prongs. This is an ideal moment to add value to your new year engagement with a traditional emerald cut that comes with unique twists.


 Emeralds are some of the most preferred engagement rings. There’s no denying they have been in the market for a while and it seems they are here to stay. Their consistency and refined art have made them withstand market changes. Why not start the New Year with this engagement ring? Trust me, you won’t regret it. This is the most popular alternative to the diamond engagement ring. Emerald is a classic stone with beautiful pop color. Its elegant look makes it a great gift.

 Your new year should come with new experiences. Ones you will live to remember. An engagement is something you need to treasure and give utmost attention. One of the things you can do differently in an engagement is to obtain a perfect and precious engagement ring. Choose wisely. Go for one with the outstanding appeal.