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13 Things People Forget When Planning Their Wedding
By Cassie Galasetti

It’s inevitable – you’re going to forget something! Make sure these items are on your checklist!

13. Transportation & Parking
You’ve got the limos booked for your bridal party but what about your guests? While it’s mostly their responsibility to get to and from the wedding on their own, it’s always nice to provide suggestions and recommendations – especially those who are not Uber users.

12. Elderly & Disabled Guests
A lot of outdoor venues have uneven surfaces and a lot of walking involved. Make sure your wedding is accessible to all or arrange help for those who may need it. You want all of your guests to have a safe and enjoyable time!

11. Take Those Vacation Days
You may think you have everything under control but during crunch time (the 2 weeks before your wedding) it’s probably best you take a few days off from work to get any last minute preparations done. You’ll thank yourself later!

10. If You Don’t Have A Wedding Planner…
Who will keep track of vendors the day of the wedding? Who is handling any last minute mishaps? It’s important to have someone dedicated to coordinate everything day of!

9. Things Will Go Wrong (…And Right!)
Be prepared for things to go wrong. Whether it’s during the planning or on the actual day of your wedding. Luckily – most of the problems can be fixed and no one will even notice but you!

8. There’s Less Time To Plan Than You Think
It may be a year away but this isn’t the time to procrastinate. Try your best to start planning as early as you can.

7. Don’t Forget to Divide The Work
You may think you can handle everything on your own – but let those that offer their help – help you! Whether it’s working on the favors or sending out the invitations, your friends and family can alleviate a lot of stress for you by crossing some things off your to do list.

6. Signage
Make sure you have signage at your venue directing your guests where to go. Especially those outside venues! It’s helpful to direct people where to park or where the actual reception is. Even a restroom sign is helpful!

5. Save $
There’s at least one way you can save money. Go through your checklist and see where you can scale back a bit. Things will add up quickly so make sure you stay within your budget as best you can.

4. Save Time
As mentioned, get your family and friends to help where they can. It will save time and energy in the long run!

3. Your Wedding Is Important to Your Parents
Involve your parents every step of the way! Remember, this is just as important to them as it is to you. Let them help plan, coordinate, or give suggestions and advice (within reason!)

2. One of the Best Days of Your Life
Weddings are supposed to be fun. Try not to get too stressed out to the point where you’re not having a good time. Remember, this is going to be one of the best days of your life!

1.You and Your Fiancé
The most important of all – the bride and groom to be! It’s about the two of you, every step of the way. Stop and take some time to really enjoy each other, especially during the stressful times.