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10 Tips to Planning a Wedding on a Student Budget

Weddings are known for being very pricey. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get discouraged if you want to have a proper celebration, yet only have modest savings at your disposal, as there are ways to significantly reduce your expenses. You should simply determine what you can save on, prioritize and correctly plan your budget based on the available finances, wants, and needs. Keep reading to find out the best ways to save money and still have a kick-ass wedding!

 How not to Break Bank when Planning a Student Wedding

Here are key aspects you should consider if you want to keep your celebration affordable:

  • Format of celebration.

Celebrating only with the closest relatives and friends will help reduce costs. Also, aim for a lovely, cozy, atmospheric wedding where you will feel supported and loved, rather than displayed for the entertainment of strangers.

  • Attire.

Designer dresses from Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta are every bride’s dream, but are you comfortable spending thousands of dollars on them? If not, then there are at least 5 options on how to get your dream dress on a limited student’s budget:

  • Wait for a sale or take a closer look at the outfits from previous collections, which are usually sold with considerable discounts and are in no way inferior to new designs.
  • Choose a dress that is similar in style to your favorite designer dress, but made by a more budget-friendly manufacturer.
  • Rent dress from a salon. Thus, you will likely get a gorgeous dress for a lower price and won’t worry about where you will store your extravagant outfit after the celebration. Unfortunately, you will have to handle the dress carefully, and won’t get to keep the dress as momentum.
  • Buy a second-hand dress. By purchasing such a dress, you will get a great outfit for a reduced price, as well as benefit the environment.
  • Shop for white dresses in regular stores instead of wedding salons – you may find a beautiful modern gown which will be dramatically cheaper than a classic wedding gown.

As for the groom’s suit, one better splurge on a high-quality classic piece, as they will be able to wear it for years to come.

  • Venue.

You don’t have to choose the Plaza or the trendiest restaurant – any venue can look good with a bit of love and creativity! A pine forest, an atmospheric hangar, a self-contained loft, an old manor – many options are cheaper than your typical high-end restaurants that specialize in hosting weddings.

  • Time of event. 

Most often, the lease of the venue is provided for a certain time during which the wedding dinner will take place. Take this time into account when planning your program, because extra hours can significantly increase your spending.

  • Day of the celebration.

Choose celebration date wisely – Sunday and weekdays are usually cheaper than Saturday, which is the most common day for weddings. Usually, on such days, the cost of both rent and menu can be reduced.

  • Wedding season.

If the wedding is planned outside the wedding season, which lasts from late spring to early fall, then celebration cost can be much cheaper, since many venues offer discounts for events at less busy times of the year.

As a student, you will most likely be limited to times of your holidays, which will make wedding organizations trickier. You may also have a lot of academic work on your hands, leaving you less time for planning. You can check out https://subjecto.com/essay-samples/ to get some help with your essay writing, to save as much time as possible for preparing your celebration.

  • Food.

Consider an alternative to a big banquet. For example, a buffet table with catering service will be a lot more affordable than a traditional multiple-course banquet, and you will have more liberty in customizing the menu. Also, time your dinner wisely. Well-done planning of the wedding day will help save money on food. If there is no long break between the ceremony and banquet, then one can get by with less food and save on snacks.

  • Decorations.

Bride’s bouquet is a classic element of a wedding look that you can’t do without. For this reason, it is always considered a mandatory expense. However, you can contact your local florist and order locally sourced flowers that are in season, which will make our bouquet a lot more affordable. 

Vendor decorations are also important – they create a romantic mood and serve as a background for photographs. Try creating your own décor – go to Pinterest and browse for the best ideas that will cost next to nothing. Also, remember that wedding themes can influence the cost too – rustic, vintage, bohemian, western themes are easier to achieve yourself, plus they require fewer resources. In addition, you will need invitations, guest cards, table centerpieces, and other attributes. You can create them yourself, ask a friend for help, or contact local DIY specialists that can help you out for a reasonable price. 

  • Photographer.

Photos are the most important wedding memories, so we advise you to think carefully before saving on a photographer so as not to be disappointed with the result.

In order to save money, be sure to discuss the number of hours they will be shooting for in advance, and determine whether you want them to film the entire wedding day or just part of it such as the ceremony itself but not the banquet.

  • Entertainment.

Here are a few bits of advice on how you can save on entertainment:

  • Become your own DJ. To do this, prepare a playlist in advance and confirm it with the vendor. This option is especially suitable for informal and cozy family events.
  • Make DIY Photo Booth – buy props and make a photo zone with garlands and other decorations that match the theme of your wedding.

 Happily Ever After

Now you know everything about organizing a budget-friendly student wedding, that won’t be excessively taxing on your funds but will at the same time give you many positive emotions and cherished memories for the future. We hope that our budgeting tips will help your planning to go smoothly and make you more confident in your choices!

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