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10 Things You Wish You Knew Before Saying I Do
By Cassie Galasetti

Don’t let the “shoulda-coulda-wouldas” get you down after your wedding day. Here are ten things to know now, before you say “I Do”.

  1. Pick Your Bridesmaids Carefully
    Remember: these people are your A-Team, Your Dream Team, Your Front Line, Your Support Group, so choose wisely. Just because someone asked you to be in her wedding doesn’t mean that you must have her in yours.
  2. Tell Your Photographer What You Want In Advance
    There’s nothing worse than looking back at your wedding photos wishing you had captured certain moments. To prevent this, create a checklist or “shot list” for your photographer outlining all of the photos you’d like him/her to get. Photographers aren’t mind readers so most will appreciate you taking the time to tell them exactly what you want.
  3. Splurge On A Wedding Videographer
    Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can be relived forever! With all of the technology nowadays, its almost mandatory to have your wedding photos be accompanied by video. It’s worth the extra money to see that first kiss again or the bridesmaids busting out in a fancy dance sequence.
  4. Remember What “DIY” Stands For
    Whether you’re trying to save money or like the idea of making things yourself, remember YOU have to create everything along with all of your other wedding decisions and tasks. If you’re going to take on DIY projects, make sure you can handle them.
  5. Invite Who You Want To Invite
    It’s your day. Invite who YOU want.
  6. Something Will Go Wrong. And It’s OK.
    It wouldn’t be a wedding if something didn’t go wrong! The best thing you can do is just go with the flow and not sweat the small stuff. Besides, you’re probably the only one who notice that one “wrong” thing anyway.
  7. Say Yes To Those Who Offer Their Help
    When family and friends offer their help, they usually mean it. They don’t like to see you stressed and want you to have the best day possible. Let them help however they can, it will go a long way.
  8. Write Thank You’s Right After The Wedding
    You’ll thank yourself later! Don’t get mixed up or confused later on. It’s easier to write those heartfelt messages while it’s fresh in your mind.
  9. Don’t Be Afraid To Do Things DifferentlyWe all want a truly unforgettable wedding, so don’t be afraid to do things differently. Whether that’s creating new traditions, wearing a colorful wedding dress or having your wedding at the most unexpected location. Just do it!
  10. Most Things Will Cost More Than You Expect
    Sad, but true! Look for ways to cut back and save as best you can, just to don’t skimp on the things you really want. You don’t want to regret anything!