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10 Little Hacks That Make Your Wedding Stress-Free and Relaxed

Did you just get engaged? Wow! Congratulations. You are about to tie the knot with the love of your life. A wedding day is fun-filled with happy moments. The planning process is also full of anticipation and excitement. Your wedding can be interesting and at the same time exhausting because something will always come up. 

Most times, couples are usually unable to relax and fully enjoy their special day because of different thoughts running through their minds about things they still have to settle and put in place. With a lot of overthinking and constant worrying, they get stressed out and won’t get to enjoy their day. 

You know what, your big day does not have to be that way. It can be what you have always wanted it to be. You can be relaxed and get to have fun.

To save you the hassle, get to enjoy your wedding with the following effective hacks.

1. Hire a Planner

Most couples feel they can handle their wedding day themselves and still do fine, but this might be totally impossible. Your special day is less stressful when you hire a wedding planner who can handle everything, no matter how small. This way, you can relax and even get to enjoy being a guest at your wedding and not one of the workers.

You don’t need to hire the most sophisticated planners in town. You can hand over the entire planning process to affordable wedding planners or even an organized member of your family.

2. Engage Your Family and Friends

Planning a wedding no matter how small will always have its hassles, but you can do away with them by involving your family and friends. They should not only show up at the wedding but also allow them to be in control of most things while you are in charge of little. They love you, and besides, it is your day. They will gladly do it for you.

3. Keep a Clear Schedule

It is tempting to have a lot of activities lined up on your wedding day, particularly for the bride. Things like hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and bikini wax all on the morning of the wedding. Try not to do much. Keep a clear schedule and stick to necessities like your makeup and hair. Having too many activities pile up and make the wedding more stressful than it should be.

4. Have Backups

Some things might not go as planned. It is best to have a backup. Put your friends in charge of the backup plan and delegate. Try to think of possible disasters that can happen and have something prepared. For example: what if the music band refuses to show up. Have one of your friends arrange a playlist on their laptop just in case. What if the wedding car refuses to start?  Save the number of a local taxi operator on your phone. 

5. Hire A Strong Team

The best people that can help you keep stress at bay on your wedding day are the caterers, ushers, bridesmaid and your best man. They need to be in control; they have to know what is happening next and be able to provide whatever you might need at any time.

Your best man and bridesmaid should have your phones, water, tissues, mirror and lipstick for the bride. They should also be ready to swing into action at any time. The caterer will also have to do a review of all food items to avoid a wedding cake strain. This will keep you relaxed as you won’t be bothered about the food, needing a drink or checking your makeup. 

6. Do a Camera Rehearsal 

Pictures are for keeping memories. Having beautiful pictures of your wedding day is a big deal for everyone because you always want to look back at them. If you are not the type that takes pictures frequently, yet you want to look good in your wedding pictures, then you have to get comfortable in front of a camera before the main day.

Take time before the wedding to do some camera rehearsal with your partner to get comfortable. You can achieve this by taking some pre-wedding pictures with your spouse before the main day.

7. Have a Photo Wrangler

Another thing that can make you stressed up on your wedding day is gathering together your family and friends for pictures. Hire someone ahead of the main day. It might be a close friend or a family member who knows everyone.  Most importantly, someone who is not shy to pull people together.  You can assign this role to two people. This will make taking pictures easier and fun.

8. Plan a Meal for Yourselves

Even though there is always a lot to eat and drink at weddings, it’s funny that during the event and also at the reception, couples don’t get to eat much. You can avoid this by discussing with your caterer first-hand to save up something for the two of you.

You can eat this quickly before you get overwhelmed by taking pictures and getting involved in post-wedding activities. Then you will be able to dance, laugh and mingle with everyone without worrying about your stomach.

9. Wear a Simple Dress

Being comfortable on your wedding day is very important and whatever you are wearing has a part to play. If you are organizing an outdoor wedding with a banging after-party or even a low-key party, try to be simply dressed. Wearing dresses that are heavy, very tight or difficult to walk in can be very stressful at that moment. Get something fancy, simple and free.

10. Stay Positive

It is difficult to be in control of everything. Different things will happen but what matters most is your happiness. Let go of worry. There might be a few glitches but don’t forget that it is your big day. Allow yourself to enjoy every bit of it. If you stay positive and smiling, your guests will also be happy.


Weddings are one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. They require a lot of planning and thought put into its execution. To have a good time, you must be willing to delegate. These little tricks are some of the ways you can have a relaxed and stress-free wedding. 

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