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10 Creative Wedding Gifts That They Will Cherish

Choosing a gift for a wedding is always a little difficult. Especially if you are unsure of what is a normal gift for a wedding. Buying a gift for a couple can be even more difficult if they are two pretty different people.

This means that you might need to think outside the box to find the best gift. To help you out and give you some inspiration, here are the top 10 creative wedding gifts that any couple will cherish.

  • A Painting 

If you are artistic at all, you can gift them with something you have made. A painting will be something that is truly appreciated. This is especially true if the couple have recently moved or are planning on buying their own home soon and could use some decoration.

The painting can be of the couple themselves. Or it can be something meaningful to them. This can be a painting of their home, their children, the couple themselves, or a pet.

  • A Photo Album or Scrapbook

This might not seem all that original. But you can definitely make it a creative project. This can be by making a scrapbook or photo album that already has some photos or mementos in it. 

This gift will provide the couple with a history of their relationship. Then they can fill it with images and mementos from their wedding. And then continue to add to it throughout their relationship. This will be cherished by the couple. But also by their children and other descendants. 

  • Decorations

If you have the skills, you can help to make decorations for the wedding itself. This can be a sign with the couple’s names and the date. Or it can be table centerpieces. This will be a practical way of helping the couple. And it makes the wedding more personal. This will be much nicer than them buying items from a stranger. 

  • Pottery

Again, this will require a decent level of skill. But, if it is the style of the couple, you can make them a commemorative mug or plate. This will be a gift they can keep forever. But it can also be a silly nod to the commemorative plates and other dishes produced for royal weddings. 

  • A Stargazing Map

If the couple are into astronomy, then you can create a snapshot of the night sky on the night they met. If they met during the day, you can instead make a map of the sky during their wedding day. The stars are of course above us during both the night and day. But if they are aware of the way the sky looks on their special day, it will be even more special.

  • Family Memento

If either person in the couple is in your family, then a gift that relates to your family will absolutely be cherished. This can be a piece of jewelry, a cookbook, or anything else they have long coveted. This can even be something creative. You can create something old, something borrowed, or something blue with the family item.

This rhyme is a common tradition in western weddings. If you need a little more guidance on these traditions, make sure to check out Wedding Gifts – The Ultimate Handbook.

  • A Honeymoon Guide

If you know the destination of the honeymoon well, you can make the couple a guide to the area. This can include little asides and pieces of advice for their marriage as well. (Although, this should really only come from someone who is also already married…)

  • An IOU

If you don’t have a huge budget for the wedding gift, you can give them something more personal. If they have children, you can gift them a night or two of babysitting. This IOU can be something specific to your relationship to the couple.

  • Matching Outfits

This is a way of being creative without too much skill. (It’s also a silly joke gift). You can make matching t-shirts for the couple. These will be perfect for when they want to get changed into something comfy after wearing a gown or tux all day.

  • A Date Night

Once a couple is married, this can sometimes be the end of going on dates. But it definitely shouldn’t be. Organize a date night for the couple a few months after their wedding. This will give them something to look forward to after the big event of the wedding itself. It will be an event that they don’t have to stress over the planning of.