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Your Wedding Beauty Timeline: What To Do and When To Do it

A wedding day is a perfect day for all the ladies to shine. If you’ve set the time for your wedding day, no matter how far off it is, it’s never too early to start preparing for it. Namely, it takes a lot of time and effort to look best on your big day, but if you do it strategically, you won’t feel it as time-consuming at all. To see what exactly you need to do, how, and when, start reading now! 

1 year before the wedding

The best time to start preparing is one year before the actual wedding day. Some things take a lot more time than some others do and that is why it’s essential to start on time. A year before the wedding is the right time to start thinking of your skin and hair. 

Your complexion can be a problem on the big day if you don’t work on time and solve all of the potential problems. There is no magical solution that will solve everything just a few hours before walking down the aisle. Most of the inflammatory conditions that will pose a threat to your big day are caused by stress. Stress is usually the reason why eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris show up. If you want to avoid all these, make sure to minimalize the stress amounts of your experience and do your best to relax.  

Speaking of skin, it’s important to note that no one can help you more than a dermatologist. If you have problematic skin or if you’re prone to experiencing large amounts of stress, make sure to schedule an appointment with a trustworthy professional. A professional can see the current condition of your skin but they can also help you develop a strategy that will lead to the wanted results. No imperfections, acne, or wrinkles will pose a threat to your wedding day if you consult a dermatologist on time.

Another great idea is to invest in some laser hair removal. You’ll indeed spend a lot on this, but it is also true that it is worth it. If you don’t feel like shaving all the extra hair, you can always turn to more effective methods. Your legs and armpits could get smoother and smoother and even the pain that hair removing causes gets more and more bearable.

Having healthy and shiny hair is also important for a wedding day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve this in a day, but on the other hand, if your wedding is more than a year, you can pay some attention to your hair. Depending on the hair type and current condition, you should develop a hair routine and stick to it. Make sure to trim your ends regularly, condition properly, and put some high-quality masks.  

Nine months before the wedding 

If you don’t have issues with your skin, you are very lucky. However, you don’t want to get too relaxed and lose this advantage. What you need to do is find good aestheticians that will help you keep your skin at the top of the game and look flawless always, not only on your wedding day. Find an aesthetician that listens to your needs and wishes and make sure that you two can work together towards better results. 

Your face should be flawless for your wedding day, but you shouldn’t forget your body either. Make sure to make to most of what you have and the way to do that is to hit the gym and eat healthily. Developing a good workout program will make your life much easier. If you add healthy foods into the mix and supplements such as the life-saving moringa, you’ll feel much better not just for your wedding day, but in general. Your whole life changes once you switch your routine to healthier choices. The aftermath is amazing for the wedding too, leaving you with the perfect body, skin, hair, and teeth.

Speaking of your teeth, nine months before the wedding is the time to see your dentist if you haven’t for a while. Visits to the dentist aren’t particularly enjoyable but they do pay off, especially when it comes to such important occasions as is your wedding. Whatever problem with your teeth you may have, it’ll be perfectly solvable if you just work on time and address it properly. 

If you like plucking your brows and if you do it a bit too much, maybe this is the right time for you to put your tweezers down. Over-plucking is not too serious on any other day, but you’ll want to avoid this scenario on your wedding day. A good brow shape has to match your facial features and bring the best of your face. If you’re not skilled enough to make this happen, you can always let your brows grow for some time and then have an aesthetician do it perfectly.

Your hairdresser is another person you want to visit in this period. Namely, if you have issues with frizz, you know how difficult your hair can be for styling. The perfect solution for this is the keratin treatment. You can choose from several different keratin treatments and relaxers and get the most suitable one done by your trustworthy hairdresser. The reason why you should do it this early is to see how exactly it works for you. Unless you’ve already done it in the past, it’s safer to try things several months ahead to see what you can expect once the wedding day comes.

Seven months before the wedding 

When it comes to hair, you need to remember that time is crucial for making any results. That is the main reason why you should book your hair appointments seven months before the wedding. If you color your hair, if you trim it, if you need time to grow your bangs out, having the appointments set ahead will make your life much easier and make everything more organized.

Six months before the wedding 

Half a year before your wedding is the time to get serious and start working actively on yourself. Your facial routine is the thing you want to set up straight once the wedding day starts getting closer. It’s good to know that a normal skin cell turnover is 28 days. Because of that, it’s best to do a facial every month before the wedding. If you do it at home, don’t forget to include exfoliator, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer into your skincare routine and see how your skin gets healthier and shinier each day. With a brightening serum and regular exfoliation, you’ll look better than ever and you’ll achieve the perfect skin glow.

Speaking of glow, your face shouldn’t be the only part that glows. If you’re planning the wedding in summer and you want to wear a more open gown, you’ll want to have your whole body glowing. Luckily, you’ll be able to achieve this if you start dry brushing six months before the wedding. Invest in a body brush, start the routine at three sessions per week, and work your way to doing it daily. Brushing regularly will exfoliate, increase blood circulation, and help your body get healthier. 

If you have your hair colored, half a year before the wedding is the time to start washing your hair more rarely. Yes, even though it is strange, it’s a very good idea. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo this, but you should cut down on shampoo. Shampooing too often will lift, dull, and fade your hair colour which is the last thing you need a couple of months before the wedding. Washing your hair up to two times a week will suffice for the best possible results for the big day.

Again, this is the time to deal with your teeth.  Brushing regularly is essential, but it is not enough for the brightest smile on wedding photos. Get to your dentist once again for a check-up and see whether you need to do something else. Another thing you should do is either cut on red wine and coffee or use straws for drinking them. Enamel is an important part of your teeth and these beverages can damage it significantly. Keep this in mind and adjust your habits in such a way to make the most of them. 

Another thing that will make your smile brighter is your choice of food. Sweets will damage your teeth as well. For that reason, make sure to cut on your sugar intake. Not only the teeth, your weight, and skin will also benefit from this change. Your overall well-being will get better once you get rid of the extra sugar and you’ll feel much better once you include some healthier foods instead.

Three months before the wedding

This is the time to pay some attention to your nails as well. When it comes to aesthetics, it’s all in the details. Your hands won’t look praise-worthy unless you do the most for your nails. Start getting regular manicures and pedicures three months before the wedding. Even if you don’t get to the salon, you can do the manicure yourself and achieve some impressive results too. 

If you do enjoy an occasional glass of wine, now is the time to think of this habit again. Any alcohol is problematic, even if you’re careful with it. On the other hand, green juice is a much better choice. Wine dehydrates and it breaks capillaries while green juice does the opposite. It’s also great for skin and it contains minerals that help stimulate your lymphatic system which drains out puffiness. 

You’ll need your hair very hydrated for the wedding, especially, if the wedding day is set for a rainy humid day. To hydrate your hair as much as possible, make sure to invest in some high-quality conditioner. Oils are very important as a pre-shampoo treatment, but the conditioner is irreplaceable. Start putting hydrating masks regularly as well and include occasional protein masks. Try and learn what your hair needs and act accordingly.  

Two months before the wedding

If you’re worried about your complexion, now is the time to book a spray tan. Bronzed bride look is classy and it will keep all the eyes on you, but if you want to achieve it in the right way, make sure to work on time. Unless you do it strategically, you risk looking too orange for the big day. 

Make sure to visit your hairstylist as well. If your hair lacks volume, don’t worry. Extensions are your best friends in such situations. Two months before the wedding is the ideal time for consultation when it comes to the hairstyle for the wedding. You’ll want to try everything ahead to know what to expect and this is the right time to do so. 

One month before the wedding 

The wedding is close and now is the time for the finishing touches. You should by now already see the results of all the effort you’ve put in in the months before. You should try to relax and give yourself a break from all the planning. Stress causes most of the problems on your skin and that is the reason more to avoid it. Avoid trying new products as well since you won’t know how your skin or hair will react to them.

One week before the wedding 

Prepare your face and lips for makeup. Exfoliate one last time before the wedding. A day before, wash your hair and style it. Make sure to talk to your hairstylist and see when you should wash your hair exactly. The night before, get rid of all of the small imperfections and sleep well.

Day of the wedding 

Finally, on the day of your wedding, it’s time to get your hair done, 3-4 hours before the wedding. Three hours before the wedding, get your makeup done. One hour before the wedding, it’s time for touching up your hair and adding the accessories. In the end, brush up your teeth and get ready to shine and have the time of your life.


Your wedding day doesn’t happen once a year. It’s (usually) once in a lifetime and it’s the time for you to feel and look your best. With these tips, that is exactly what you’ll do!