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Your Perfect Wedding: Create Memories for Eternity

Your wedding day should be perfect in every way – the venue, the music, the food, the decorations. All of that will ensure you always remember your special day. But that’s not it. To create memories that will last for eternity, you need to make sure the wedding photographs are amazing. That way, you’ll be instantly taken back to that wonderful day every time you see the photos. The following tips will help you prepare the best way possible.

Engagement shooting before the wedding

Engagement shooting can be done a few days before the wedding or even months. It’s a great opportunity for the couple and the photographer to get to know each other better and for the couple to get comfortable with the process. You can also discuss some of your ideas and wishes, and listen to any piece of advice the photographer has, so it’s actually a good test before the big day. Additionally, these photos can be used for the wedding invitations if you do the shoot a couple of months earlier.

The first look moments

Another optional idea for special photos is capturing the moments when the couple see each other before the ceremony, which is usually not the case. You can choose to spend a few private moments together, calming each other down or simply enjoy one another before the ceremony and the party started. A good photographer will manage to catch the moment when you first see each other in your wedding outfits – the surprise, the love and enjoyment in your faces. This is a deeply intimate moment that will mean a lot later.

The game of light and shadow

The light is very important for beautiful wedding photos but you can take it to another level if the photographer’s eye is truly artful. The combination of light and shadow in the photographs create unique scenes, dramatic and mysterious. Allow the photographer to play with this possibility and you may be swept off your feet with the results.

Epic backgrounds and sets

The background of the photo makes at least half of success. That’s why both you and the photographs will have to be creative when it comes to the location of your photoshoot as a couple. Search for best wedding photography locations in your vicinity but you can also make a short trip if you have a specific location in mind. Natural environments are usually the best choice – they are perfectly romantic and will make you both feel great, relaxed and cheerful.

Use the group dynamics

Even the smallest weddings can have wonderful group dynamics, usually created by the closest family members or friends. Lighting a spark to the group dynamics will almost definitely lead to hilarious moments captured by the photographer, showing how great time the guests had. Putting them into focus from time to time will be a clear sign of how great the whole party was and how happiness was present everywhere.

Boudoir photos for the private collection

This is a US trend that has been quickly picked up internationally. It is a bridal boudoir photo shoot that happens before the wedding, while she is getting dressed for the ceremony. This is a very special and unique photoshoot that is reserved for the groom only, as a wedding gift or a surprise. The bride is in her bridal lingerie, getting ready for her special day. Wedding details, like flowers, the engagement ring and the decorations are usually included in the photos. The photographer should give a couple of ideas to the bride but it should also be a personal memory from the bride to the groom, something that will mean to them as a couple.

Shift the perspective

No one says the photographer needs to be on the same level as the wedding couple and the guests. Changing the perspective will lead to some highly unique photos. Of course, it will depend on the venue and its characteristics but creativity is always welcomed. If there’s no upper floor from which the photos can be taken, then a tree or even a ladder can do the trick. Also, taking photos through half-open doors or similar ideas could create great photos.

Final words

Wedding photography is a form of art in its own right. Don’t be afraid to search for unique ideas and opt for unexpected solutions. If you’re willing to experiment and to look for the photographer who will get you, your wedding will last forever through photos.