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Your First Wedding Dance – Different Types of Wedding Dance Styles

Your first dance will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. It is important that like any other wedding preparations, you start planning and rehearsing your first dance well in advance. You want to make sure you have rehearsed your steps and when the big moment comes, you nail it but also enjoy every second of such a special moment. 

There are a number of different dance styles out there to choose and they vary from slow to fast, to simple and more complex steps. Whatever style you choose, make sure it speaks volume of you as a couple and matches your personality. 

Here are some of the most popular wedding dance styles. 

The Slow Wedding Dance 

Slow dance or also known as nightclub two step is a fairly modern, romantic  and popular dance style at weddings. Normally, the songs chosen are much slower than those chosen for classic ballroom dances such as the foxtrot or waltz. Hence, it is so popular as a lot of couples like to choose their song first and then match the perfect dance to it. 


This dance style is one of the most popular styles out there, it’s very smooth and moves around the floor in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. This style is perfect if you want a fairytale wedding as it is graceful and dreamy style to dance at a wedding. 

There are a number of versions of the waltz including classical and contemporary which can be further categorised into Country Western, Cajun, French, Viennese, American and International Watz styles. 

The waltz is fairly easy to learn, however it does require some practice to learn the steps and it is recommended to work with a professional dance instructor to help you. 


The Foxtrot can be described as a smooth and sleek dance and is often called the Rolls Royce of ballroom dance styles. There are different types of foxtrot dance styles out there, but the most popular for weddings is the American Social Foxtrot. This style is very easy to learn so any couple can master it very quickly. The Foxtrot dance is also ideal for venues with large floor space as the dance moves will require you to move around a lot.

Swing dancing 

If you are wanting something special and unique, swing wedding dancing is a great option and it certainly will wow your guests with a wedding dance to remember. This dance style is perfect for an active couple, it’s energetic, full of fun and easy to learn. Swing dancing is also fun to watch so there is no doubt you will be able to not only have your first dance but entertain your wedding guests too.

It’s important to keep in mind that your attire is suitable for this style of dance, preferably ladies should wear a shorter, flowy dress and men should wear relaxed attire or perhaps remove a tight jacket as it will require a lot of leg kicks, fast turns and quick steps. 

Latin Salsa

Salsa dancing is an exotic style of dance and is full of fun, energetic with sensual dance moves. This style is great for small dance floor spaces as it doesn’t require a lot of dancing travel. Keep in mind it’s not suitable for tight and long bridal gowns as the moves require fast turns and moves. 


Rumba is also a Latin dance style, it’s super fun, thrilling, romantic and a little bit more intimate than salsa. It requires a lot of hip work, sensual movements and quick steps. 

Rumba is perfect for beginners and is easy to learn, however it still requires practice and rehearsals before the wedding are a must. This is a very exciting dance style and will be a great surprise for your guests and guaranteed to get everyone to stand up to cheer you on! 

Final words

While there are so many dancing styles to choose from for your special day, whatever the dance style, make sure you choose a dance that is suitable for your personality as a couple. Additionally, take into account how much floor space you will have at the wedding venue, if you prefer slow or fast dances and whether you will have an opportunity to change your dress to be able to move more freely. 

You would also need to consider the budget, the more difficult dance style will require more financial investment hiring an instructor, whereas more easier to learn styles you can get away with only a couple of lessons and rehearsing at home.  Either way, remember that the sentimental value of doing your first dance with your partner is way more important than a perfect performance, make sure you enjoy every minute of it.