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You popped the question, she said yes…now what?

You may think your job is done after you’ve proposed, but really it’s just beginning. Planning a wedding can be very stressful for the bride (and groom), but as her fiancé it is important that you remain her rock and sanity during the whole process. And let’s not forget you want to look and feel your best on the big day. Below are some tips for you and your fiancé to help ensure you are the best versions of yourselves on your wedding day and to help planning be an enjoyable experience for both.

Planning: Pick and choose your battles. While both of your opinions matter, try prioritizing them. This will allow you to know when you need to speak up and share your opinion or when to simply just agree. Enjoy planning the big stuff you can do together, like picking a venue anda date, deciding on the food, working on the guest list, choosing honeymoon destination, etc.

  • Put together your own wedding planning checklist or find one online like this one
  • Make sure you have a passport, if not make it a priority sooner than later
  • Create a honeymoon packing list and add to it, people often forget…
    • Sneakers (Hiking Shoes)
    • Sildenafil
    • Layers (Sweater/Sweatshirt)
    • Small first Aid kit, you can even put together your own like this one

Fitness: Many brides take on some crazy crash diets, spend an outrageous amount on a personal trainer or become consumed with the idea of becoming super skinny for the wedding. Take a deep breath, and remember what your wedding day signifies: the start of your new life together. Yes, she needs to fit into that wedding dress she just put the deposit down for, but should not pressure herself to lose weight. Instead encourage her to think about your overall health. Don’t you want to start your new life with your partner as the healthiest you have ever been? Use this time to improve your overall wellness, and the best part is you can do it together!

  • Start taking a multivitamin, For her/For him
  • Work out together at the gym or save money with this workout for couples right in your living room.
  • Eat healthy, spend your Sunday nights meal prepping together.

Appearance: Women are normally great about planning what they are going to look like on their wedding day. Make sure she picks out a dress at least 9 months in advance and that she schedule numerous fittings to make sure it fits just right. Her hair and makeup trials should be scheduled a month or two before the wedding. Don’t let her forget about shoes and jewelry! She should have those items decided, picked out, purchased or borrowed a few months in advance. It may even be helpful for her to bring them to a dress fitting so she can see the completed look. Now for you, on the other hand, men can be procrastinators when it comes to picking out their outfit. While you don’t needed to be fitted until much closer to the wedding day, you should at least know what style you are wearing (suit, Tux, no jackets, etc.) well before, to help with the overall vision of the wedding. Also, don’t forget about your hair. It is just as important for a man to maintain healthy hair. You don’t want to be thinning in your wedding photos, they last a lifetime!

  • You can find local vendors for hair, makeup, etc. on The Knot
  • Check out Pinterest for ideas to bring to your hairdresser or makeup artist
  • There are plenty of online resources for men for everything from tuxes to hair health.

It’s always a good practice to start with the big things, but remember it’s not soon to start thinking about the small stuff. It can all add up in the end and become overwhelming and even force you to end up forgetting important things that may have been a priority in the very early stages of planning. While two years, one year or even 6 months may seem like a lot of time to plan, the reality that time goes by faster than you would think. A wedding is a perfect time to be over-prepared and allow you and your significant other a chance to tackle your first big life hurdle together. So enjoy it!