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What to Consider When Creating Your Registry

Every part of wedding planning is important and not one detail should be deemed lesser than another. This way of thinking applies especially to your wedding registry which can sometimes be overlooked or pushed aside to larger wedding tasks. So when it’s time in your planning timeline to start your registry, make sure you’re considering these tips!

The sooner the better

With so many items on your to-do list you want to stay as organized and on schedule as possible. You could even use a timeline or checklist to help you out! This means that before you can finalize and send out your invitations or complete your wedding website, you need to have your registry started. Depending on how much you’re registering for and how many places you’re going to register, this can take a little bit of time. Get started by making a base list of what you’d like to add and then go from there.

Keep your guests in mind

Your wedding registry is just as much a tool for your guests as it is for you. Yes, you are adding the items you want onto it, but it is your guests who will find it most useful. When you are deciding what items to add, think about your guests and ask yourself if the item is something they would be comfortable buying for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to add larger and more expensive items though, as guests may group together to purchase them. Still, it is important to ask yourself any questions your guests may have when it comes to your registry.

Make it a couple thing

While it is widely believed that the bride is the overall star of the wedding, that shouldn’t be the case. Your wedding is just as big of a day for the groom and thus planning it should be an equal venture. When it comes to creating your registry, spend the day going to the stores you want to register at in person to see what they have to offer and discuss which options will be best for your future home and life together.

Have a variety of items

The beauty of a wedding registry is that nothing is really off limits so you can be as traditional or creative as you want to be. Remember, guests may decide to group together to buy some items, so make sure to have a variety when it comes to size and price. Some ideas include artwork, champagne flutes or even DNA kits that you can use to create a family tree to display in your home.

Have a plan

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to your registry and the items you can include, make sure you’re being realistic to your needs as a couple. Take stock of the things you already have and what you need or want to replace. This serves as a good starting point. After that, look around at what you need for married life and add those to your list; unique items like a new mattress that you can both sleep comfortably on offer a variety and help you build your new home. Next, add a few fun items that you’ve always wanted just to spice things up!

Accessibility is key

Now that you’ve finished your registry, you need to make sure it’s easily accessible to your guests. Your invitations will include registry information, but another place you want to make sure to have it is on your wedding website. That way everything pertaining to your wedding can be found in one convenient place. It is also a good idea to make sure that your guests can easily locate your registry in store if they choose to make a purchase in person. Include both the bride and grooms name on the registry and bring a parent or member of your wedding party to the stores after it’s created to make sure they can find it.