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a-wedding-cake-spectacular-16-classic-wedding-L-3aUADzThe first and most important thing you want to make sure about your wedding cake is that you are choosing a baker that can create not only something that looks beautiful but tastes great as well.  Be sure to sample different styles and see what you like best.  Most brides give themselves 4-6 months before the wedding to select their cake.  If you are looking to save money, do not resort to having a family member bake it.  Cakes for birthday parties or holidays are different than weddings.  Most bakers make their cakes a day before or sometimes even the morning of a wedding to ensure the cake is its freshest and tastiest at your reception.  Family members will be caught up with rehearsal dinner, pictures, etc. and not have the time to do this so close to when it will actually be eaten.  Many bakers have basic designs which most of their cakes are based off of.  The less customization you have applied to the baker’s original plan will help keep costs down.

Many brides are curious how to incorporate their cake into their wedding theme.  Do not feel that if you have a purple theme to your wedding that you have to have purple icing dominating the exterior of your cake to fit in.  Just have purple cake decorations to maintain your theme, but keep the cake itself white or ivory.   Similar to the rest of your vendors, be very open with your baker on what you are looking for with your cake.  The more information you give them the better idea your baker will get to what you are looking for.