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What are the best wedding gifts for kitchen?

Knowing your best friend or family member is getting married can cause no small amount of anxiety for many people when it comes to choosing a gift to give the bride and groom to mark their big day. If the happy couple have already set up home together then there’s a good chance they will already possess most of the items people tend to give as gifts; but some items remain timeless and never go out of fashion and can be given time and again. Some people opt for quirky gifts, but while these can often prove a source of amusement and novelty in the beginning there has to be a question over their longevity and whether the item will be used beyond the novelty stage or left to gather dust in a cupboard. Others still take the easiest option of all, giving money or vouchers to allow the recipients to choose their own gifts. While a practical solution this can often appear somewhat impersonal with little thought put into choosing the gift. That said, it can be fine go give money or vouchers if the wedding party request such, perhaps to help cover the cost of an expensive item; otherwise it might be best to avoid.

The Wedding List

Most married couples-to-be have a good idea of what they want and need and more and more provide their guests with a list of wedding gifts to consider. This causes its’ own stresses of course and choosing the list isn’t always a straightforward task. What if someone else buys the same? What if I get the wrong color? What if my gift is too big or small to use practically? A safe ploy is concentrate on gifts for one of the rooms in the home that will be most frequented, the kitchen, and it is a sure bet that any wedding list will have a few choices of kitchen items to suit all budgets. Kitchen gifts are relevant to every couple; they tend to have no gender bias and are invariably practical. What’s more, not every gift has to be an expensive purchase and there will surely be cheaper choices of gifts on the list to consider for those who have to keep an eye on their finances. Here’s a few examples of couples’ wedding gifts that are good choices to consider but are unlikely to break the bank.

Wine Glasses

Hugely practical for the couple who loves entertaining guests at home, wine glasses come in a huge selection of styles and sizes. Whether opting for generic glass or crystal glass, wine glasses are a safe and common choice to consider as a wedding gift although bear in mind others might think along the same lines.

Cooking Books

If the wedding couple has a particular liking for food from a specific country then a collection of cookbooks explaining how to recreate their favorite dishes could be a novel and well-received gift. If they love Greek, food for example, giving the couple the opportunity to conjure up an authentic Moussaka or Gemista in the way the Greek people do is timeless.

Serving Dishes And Cookware

There’s a fair chance that any newlywed couple is going to be hosting a number of get-togethers in the weeks and months following their union. However, while they might already have some cookware from their past single life, it might be old or not of sufficient size to cook efficiently to cater for the number of expected guests at the latest house party. Similarly, serving bowls and dishes are often an afterthought of many couples who may lack possession of the necessary serving ware. Covering this base will surely secure an invite to many parties in the future!

Cutting Boards And Knives

Cheaper melamine cutting boards are practical and hard-wearing; but they can become scored and discolored with repeated use. A natural wood cutting board is an attractive alternative and if cared for correctly last for a significant period of time before requiring to be replaced, often many years. Cutting boards can also be paired with another sought-after gift, a set of quality kitchen knives and every kitchen should have both. Whether preparing meat with a carving knife or chopping onions with a prep knife, or peeling fruit with a paring knife, a set of kitchen knives never goes wrong or out of fashion.

Mixing Bowls

Cakes. Everyone loves cakes and if the newly-weds are the baking type then giving a set of mixing bowls will keep the cake production line flowing. And mixing bowls aren’t just for baking; larger bowls can be used to toss salads or act as a serving dish.

Woks And Stir Fry Pans

Every home should have a wok or at least one stir fry pan to cook a wide range of recipes. From making stir-fry at home with oriental noodles and stir-fry vegetables to pan-searing meat and fish, no self-respecting home chef would be without either. Stir fry pans may indeed be a better choice away from the traditional wok as it offers greater practicality and works well in any contemporary kitchen. Woks, with their round bottom aren’t best suited to a flat stove, whereas stir fry pans have flatter, deeper bases making them much easier to use and ensure better and even cooking. Traditional woks tend to be made of heavy metals making them more cumbersome to use; stir fry pans meanwhile are made of lighter but highly durable metals making them much easier to operate. If considering a stir fry pan over a wok here’s a list of stir fry pans to consider. These are just a few small ideas which won’t take up a great deal of room in the kitchen or incur great expense. Larger, more expensive items such as slow-cookers, pressure cookers, food processors, coffee makers or toasting sets come at a size consideration-and not to mention color coordination with the kitchen! It is important if considering gifts in this style that the right model and size is sourced, especially if the kitchen space is at a premium.