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Wedding Website Dos and Don’ts

Weddings are one of the most wonderful experiences in many of our lives. While these events can be pivotal and memorable moments, there are also many details to manage. One of the most important features of your big day will be your wedding website, it will be a key resource for your guests, the wedding party and the families. Here are a few dos and don’ts to make the best and most helpful wedding website.

Understand Your Privacy

Your wedding website will serve as the platform where you can provide details and consolidate the information available to your guests; however, your privacy is also a key part of this. You need to understand how your data is stored and how people can access it. Whether you have a comprehensive knowledge of privacy or you are wondering what is hybrid cloud is and how it applies to your website, educate yourself and keep an eye out for how your privacy is managed through the process.

Restrict Access

One way to manage your privacy is to restrict access to the details of your nuptials. Many wedding websites offer privacy settings to allow or restrict search results and password protection. These may be details that you find yourself interested in, but it is important that you not make it impossible for your guests to find your wedding website. Make your password and website address something easy enough to find, but also hidden from any random prying eye.

Allow Guests to RSVP

Many wedding management platforms and website management systems also come equipped with the ability to respond to the invitation. Providing guests with the ability to RSVP on your wedding website can give your guests the chance to streamline the process and not have to worry about stopping by a post office. With the ease of instantaneous response, you also can catch all of your responders who wait until the last minute to reply. Keep in mind that not everyone will want to RSVP online, so it is important, particularly for those who struggle with technology, to provide a paper response card.

List Lodging and Day-of Information

Everything from lodging information, the day-of schedule, transportation details or other important events should be included in this consolidated online location. Keep in mind that this information should be anything that they need to participate in your big day. While you don’t want to be overwhelmed with information, make sure that any day-of details are readily available.

Watch Your Language

While it may seem sweet and funny to be a bit cheeky online, keep in mind that guests, the public, grandma or other eyes may be viewing this page, so keep it appropriate. The last thing you want to do is spark controversy or make someone feel comfortable right before your big day. Take this page as a chance to give information, tell your story and maybe even give a good laugh to any of your attendees. Keep it short, sweet, succinct and appropriate. Your wedding website should be easily digestible, understandable and appropriate, so save crude or inappropriate stories, inside jokes and jargon for later.

Only Inclusive Events

As you draft your page, you will want to provide any details necessary to participate in the festivities. Exclusive events details can be sent specifically to those who are invited, that way you can also avoid people feeling left out of showing up unannounced. If you have any exclusive wedding events, anything from a welcome brunch to the rehearsal dinner to a farewell event, that is only for a select few, don’t post those on your wedding website. Make sure that you include details for events that are open to all guests, but leave the exclusive ones off.

Wedding websites can feel like the perfect place to share your entire journey; however, keep in mind that your page has a purpose. Your website should encompass details about you as a couple, the wedding and any necessary information for guests. While you can make it sweet, romantic and even slide in some cheekiness, make sure that you keep in mind your main purpose of disseminating information and you will be sure to perfectly curate your digital space.