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Unique Ideas for a Car-Themed Wedding Ceremony

Organizing your wedding is one of those special occasions in life that you won’t get to do twice (hopefully), so why not unleash your full creative force and ensure that the ceremony you throw counts? 

Of course, not everyone is a creative powerhouse and knows color schemes and the intricacies of decorating a room, but luckily for those folks who aren’t that experienced in aesthetics and style, many interesting setups and themes have already been elaborated on and that you can look into to borrow some inspiration for your wedding. 

As far as these themes are concerned, couples worldwide have been coming up with interesting and cheeky wedding setups that are so unique and personalized, that you wouldn’t even assume that the event you’re passing by is a wedding at all.

For example, other than the regular white gowns for the bride and flowers everywhere sort of deal, there have been heavy metal-themed weddings where everyone is dressed in black, leather, and where Iron Maiden is blasting instead of Can’t Help Falling in Love by the king of rock. Also, Wild West themes with cowboys are common as well as rustic ceremonies with old cutlery, apple pies instead of elaborate cakes, and a rural theme instead of the usual white wedding sort of situation. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about a special sort of wedding theme – automotive wedding, where cars aren’t merely the means of getting from point A to point B. If you’re a petrol head, this sort of arrangement can make your dream come true, and your wedding can be one to remember for years to come provided you set up everything well.  

Here’s the deal. 

Set the Tone with Themed Invitations 

Setting up a car-themed wedding is not just about driving cool cars to the reception and then entering the building where everything else is the same as at a regular wedding. 

That said, if you’re going to go for a car-themed wedding, you may want to go all in at the very beginning, so prepare wedding invitations that will let everyone know what sort of event they are going to attend. 

Since these will all be cards, you can employ your Photoshop skills or hire someone to do this for you. You can add imagery of car, car parts, petrol stations, grease monkey workshops and other car-related details that will enhance the invitation both aesthetically and thematically, so to speak. 

Arrival Car 

What better part of the wedding ceremony to display your passion for automobiles than choosing your favorite car for driving you to and fro church, wedding venue, and other locations you may want to visit along the way. 

If you already own the car of your dreams, you can simply use this vehicle, but if you don’t – you can rent a specialized one. These wedding cars come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, as you will likely be able to find everything from large and chunky Hummers to elegant open-roof Beauford Convertibles.

If you do choose to use your vehicle, make sure it is technically sound and well-maintained, so that you don’t end up experiencing any flat tires or some nasty mechanical or electrical failures along the way. If you happen to live in Sydney, Australia, you can do the entire auto service in Sydney, so once your car leaves the workshop, you’re ready to go.  

Design a Cake that Reflects Your Love of Cars

Whether it’s the Michelin guy fashioned as a white cake with some tires on it made of chocolate, or a retro car with some car parts strewn around it, or a grease monkey’s workshop with some tools and that rag mechanics use to wipe off excess oil, ordering or making a car-themed cake will be a cherry on top of your wedding organization efforts. 

Having a special sort of automotive cake will make the cutting task even more special for the couple, so you can’t afford to miss this opportunity for making your wedding an automotive-inspired celebration that you and your guests will remember forever. 

All in all, organizing a car-themed wedding represents a great way to personalize one of the most special moments in your life and make it about something that you and your partner care about. When you’re honest with what you like, both you and your guests will be able to enjoy your time with a care-free and a merry attitude.