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Top Seven Destination Wedding Locations

A glass of chardonnay in hand, family and friends around, well-dressed folks serving more wine, cheerful banter and belly laughs, happiness written all over everyone’s faces, and yourself and your bride smiling together; sounds perfect, doesn’t it? For some, one thing is missing, an exotic destination! For some, it is the beach, others, the mountains, or maybe the lake. All in all, most couples desire destination weddings to fulfill their dream of a perfect wedding.

A wedding destination should feel exotic, yet still welcoming. In as much it is a new place, it should be a home away from home. Therefore, below is a list of locations that you might like to be your destination wedding location. Be you laid back or outgoing; there is something for everyone.

Phuket, Thailand

The sound of dharma music and little bells enchant the air of this old city with graceful vibes. All manner of peculiar sights set apart the island of Phuket; for example, the Phuket tiger kingdom and the Monkey Hill. Thai music, culinary traditions, dancing, and festivals can all be experienced on this island. The island of Phuket has almost fantastical wonders with natural beauty, unlike any other around the world.

Because the place is a low-cost destination, what you get is worth more than you pay for. The city’s magical elephant rides, exhilarating celebrations, old and charming town, delicious Thai cuisines, and quaint resorts delights the adventure seekers, culture experts, and food lovers alike. Picturesque powder-white beaches, along with ancient Chinese shrines, make for a haven of an array of engaging activities.


The verdant isle is a dream destination for fairy-tale lovers. The landscape is dotted with august castles with impeccable services and the feeling of a home away from home. Luttrellstown Castle, you might have heard of it since it is where David and Victoria Beckham wedded. It offers stately halls and lavish sceneries for the backdrop of your wedding. 

Remember to keep abreast of the weather as the Emerald Isle is known to ‘have the four seasons in one day.’ And though the day may not be as sunny, the land of whiskey and Guinness remains romantic as it is charming. The people’s hospitality, friendliness and spirit are enough to make your choice worthwhile.

Marrakech, Morocco

The city with vibrant colors, enchanting patterns, and intricate textures offers a one-of-a-kind location for a destination wedding. Everywhere in the town exudes spirituality and calmness to act well as a layback from the chaotic everyday life. The bohemian city is especially a to-go choice for brides with the spirit of adventure. Camel riding, ATVing, and playing with falcons make a few of the fun indulgences that will keep you interested and feeling fantastic.

Marrakech is the center of Moroccan tradition, cuisine, and lifestyle. And all that will be at your disposal for yourself and wedding guests during and even after the wedding. For breathtaking panoramic views, I would recommend the Capaldi Hotel, which rests perfectly at the base of the Atlas Mountains. The distinctive architecture, effervescent lights, vivid colors all make for photogenic spaces. Undoubtedly, the Mediterranean oasis stands out as an idyllic setting for your destination wedding.


For the island, beach, and sun lovers, Jamaica was made be ‘heaven on earth.’ With unbridled ebullience, lively towns, and laid back lifestyle, the birthplace of Reggae music sports innumerable activities to keep you engaged and happy throughout your wedding ceremony. Montego Bay is dotted with resorts with British-colonial architecture. Snorkeling, dolphin-swimming, kayaking, and lagoon exploring are but a few examples of outdoor activities offered here.

The lovers of music, especially reggae, can take exciting tours in the Bob Marley museum in Kingston (its capital). The topography of this Caribbean island features mountains, rainforests, and beaches is an artistic canvas onto which the history, culture, and traditions of the Jamaican people have been painted on. If you find difficulties with the language, you can make use of translation services and check out their reviews at Pick Writers to be able to pick the best service for the job.

Franschhoek, South Africa

Centuries-old vineyards are a dream for not only wine lovers, but also anyone with an exquisite taste for the finer things in life. Franschhoek offers that and much more, including Cape Dutch architecture and undulating landscapes. Lush green blooming plants, exquisite museums, and resplendent wine estates all play their part in a symphony of beauty and elegance that Franschhoek offers.