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Top 2020 Wedding Trends

For those couples who are getting married in 2020, the plans for your wedding are already in motion. Previously we witnessed couples recreating something right out of a board on Pinterest, but this year, we predict that couples will be looking to set their own trend. We will be outlining the top predictions for weddings this year 2020. 

  • Trend 1: Strictly Court Weddings

These types of weddings have been gaining popularity over the years, and we predict it is going to be a huge trend this year. A lot of couples have decided to skip church weddings entirely and just have court weddings. 

This is an excellent way for couples to avoid the extra planning and money that comes with having a church wedding, which can be overwhelming. It has proven to be an excellent way for couples to start their life together with no additional debt. 

A court wedding does not have to be bland and uninteresting; a lot of things that are typical to church weddings can be easily incorporated into a church wedding.  

  • Trend 2: Destination Weddings 

In the past, the types of weddings were only talked about when celebrities’ names like Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie came up. But, now it is becoming popular among regular people. In fact, statistics show that twenty-five percent of all marriages are destination weddings, and this number continues to climb each year. 

A lot of couples are beginning to prefer these types of weddings because it can prove to be a great way to save money at the same time having your dream wedding. This is particularly true if you choose destinations like Jamaica, Indonesia, or other places where the cost of living is low. Also, destination weddings always have fewer guests than weddings held in hometowns. 

  • Trend 3: Exotic And Customizable Menus 

We predict that this will continue to be a trend in 2020 because couples want guests to remember their wedding day. Previously, the usual food choices were always between Beef, Chicken, or Fish. But, now, we see foods like Veel, Quail, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and a lot of various food choices getting incorporated into the menu. 

Thanks to things like cuisine reality TV shows, Instagram, Pinterest, and the food network, millennials especially have a diverse palate and expect an exciting menu at weddings. 

  • Trend 4: Friends Or Family officiating Weddings 

We began to witness this trend a few years back, and as of 2020, over forty-three percent of couples opted for their weddings to be officiated by friends or family rather than use a professional. This trend is especially common among couples who are non-religions or do not have any affiliation with a religious organization. 

A lot of couples prefer this method because they believe it makes the ceremony more personal/intimate, and it is cheaper than hiring a professional.

  • Trend 5: Over The Top Decor 

Lovely decor has always been a focal point of every wedding, and this year, we will continue to see couples trying to outdo each other and come up with very creative and extravagant ideas. A well done and tasteful decor sets the stage for any wedding, and couples are very aware of this fact. 

Movies like Crazy Rich Asians succeeded in enchanting the audience with their wedding decor, and a lot of couples want to achieve this feat. They want to be able to create an enchanting, inviting, and captivating atmosphere in their wedding and the decor is the perfect way to achieve this. 

  • Trend 6: Non-White Wedding Gowns

A lot of brides are shying away from the traditional white wedding gowns and instead are choosing to wear color. We will witness brides wearing a lot of black, red, ivory, blush pink, and blue to go with the color of the year. 

The famous white wedding gown was originally made popular by Queen Victoria, but this year, a lot of brides will be setting their own trends with unique colors. 

  • Trend 7: Eco-Friendly Weddings

2020 is going to see a lot of Eco-friendly weddings. The majority of couples getting married are Millennials, and this demographic is very conscious of the environment and want to care for it. Another primary reason couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings is that it saves a lot of money. 

More brides are recycling wedding gowns or wearing gowns made from natural fabric. They are also opting for styles they can wear to other occasions. 

Couples are also opting to use decorations that are organic and were grown free of pesticides. The amount of plastic used in these weddings is considerably reduced, for example, the use of petal confetti as opposed to the plastic confetti. 

  • Trend 8: Creative Weddings Pictures/Videos 

What is a wedding that does not capture one of the most critical days in the lives of the couple? We are going to witness more creativity in the pictures and videos this year. We will observe more use of drones by the cinematographers to create spectacular wedding pictures/videos. 

A lot of couples choose venues for aesthetic purposes and spend a lot of time planning and getting ready for this important day because they want to remember this important day. With the rise of picture and video sharing social media platforms like Instagram, they want to make sure that every moment of this day is wonderfully captured. 

  • Trend 9: Wedding After Parties 

After parties have been on the rise and we predict that this year, more couples will continue to have them. Couples are adopting this trend because they want to end their wedding on a high note so that the guests will remember the event. 

Majority of the time, couples and guests have to migrate from the venue where the reception was held to another venue because of the noise curfew in some areas. 

If properly planned, an after-party can save couples money. This can be achieved by ending the reception early, preventing the additional cost that will be spent on the venue, caterers, mixers, and so on. Here, guests can move to another casual location like a club, which will be less formal, where everyone can have a good time. 

  • Trend 10: Restaurant Weddings

We predict the popularity of this trend among couples who want to have small weddings. It is also an excellent way for couples to show their personality and introduce their favorite cuisine to their guests. It is a very budget-friendly way to have one of the most memorable days of your lives because a lot of restaurants do not charge a rental fee. 

In Conclusion 

With the dawn of a new decade, we see new trends in almost every industry. Some of the trends can occur even more rapidly, changing yearly, especially when it comes to event planning and organization. This is why we are helping new couples who are eager to add a unique touch of finesse to their wedding memories, as they plan to tie the knot in 2020. There are so many options to accommodate your budget and guest list especially using tools like Online Writers Rating. All you have to do is narrow it down, and the trend that fits the most will do just fine.

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