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“Tips To Get Long Healthy Nails In Time For Your Wedding”

You are going to have the day of your life and you are preparing everything to be perfect. Be it 6-month fitness plan, your wedding dress, your wedding heels, the wedding veil, your hairstyle, and the makeup. 

So, why not prep your nails like that too? Your hands will be on display, especially during the exchanging of rings and you can flaunt that beautiful wedding ring of yours.

There are some simple yet effective tips, which you can follow in the months leading to your wedding day, and have those healthy, pretty and clean nails and cuticles that everyone will fancy!

Increase your Vitamins, Proteins and Fatty Acids intake.

If your diet is healthy so will be your nails. You need to have more of the foods that promote your cell growth. For instance, you can have the foods having vitamin A which is probably found in everything such as the leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, melons etc. 

Most people also go for the ‘Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens.’ As it is specially designed by a variety of green vegetables and fruits that can serve the similar purpose all in one. 

Also add the Vitamin Bs, as they can help in making your nails stronger and less liable to break also avoiding the ridges. 

Along with vitamin Bs, proteins also add to the strength of your nails.

Adding the vitamin C, can help reduce the dryness and those jagged pieces of skin that appears around the side of your nails. 

Also, foods containing omega 3 fatty acids will help in keeping the skin around your nail bed clean and strong. 

Never forget the base coat. 

You should never skip the base coat while applying nail paint, even on a regular basis. You need to have that layer of protection between the nails and the paint. Also, chipping off your nail paint is a big NO. Because you are ultimately destroying the upper layer of your nails making them more prone to damage.

Go for the regular manicures weekly but make sure to avoid getting any gel manicures, because their constant application and removal is just not good for the nails. You can definitely go for them on your wedding day to avoid any chips and get those perfect nails.

Try some home remedies. 

Olive oil and coconut oil are known to be of numerous benefits.

For nails, applying coconut oil can help prevent any bacterial infection as well as moisture your nails.

Olive oil can be helpful in promoting nail growth and treating the brittleness. 

Lemon juice can also be of great help if you wish for the perfect nails. Upon regular usage, it will help in promoting the growth of your nails and eliminating any ugly stains that you might have on your nails.

Stop Biting!

Last but not the least, stop biting your nails and those hangnails. Not only this habit makes your nails look awful but also slows down the growth of your nails and can cause infections.