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Tips for Planning a Small Backup Wedding

You prepare for it all when planning for your wedding—from backup locations in case of rain, a change of comfy (but cute) shoes if your feet start to hurt, to alternative dinner options for those with food allergies. No matter how meticulous you have been mapping out every detail, you probably never thought to plan for a global pandemic. 

Thousands of couples worldwide are facing the heartbreaking decision to either postpone their dream wedding or cancel their original plans and opt for something small and intimate. If you and your fiance chose to do the latter, we’ve compiled a list of tips to still make the day you say “I do” the best day ever! 

Include Your Entire Guest List…Virtually

Though you may have to cut your guest list short based on your state’s current gathering guidelines, you can still give all of your friends and family the option to watch the ceremony live. Invite the guests that fall outside of the close friends and family category to a scheduled video conference on a platform like Zoom or Houseparty. 

Be sure to designate someone who can physically be there to operate your laptop or phone during the ceremony. This will cover your bases if any hiccups or technical difficulties occur. 

Hire a Food Truck

Having a small intimate wedding at home can present its own challenges like figuring out how to feed 10 to 20 people without breaking the bank, adding more people to mix, and most importantly, without spreading germs. Hiring a food truck may be the safest and most convenient option! 

Many food trucks provide the option to pay ahead for a certain number of plates or will just hand you the bill after your event. In a pinch, you can leave it up to your guests to pay for their meals when they get up to order—just be sure to let them know ahead of time. 

To prevent the spread of germs, be sure to set tables and seating at least 6 feet apart and request disposable to-go dinnerware so no dishwashing is required.  

Let go and embrace it

It is hard to not become overwhelmed with the idea that your big day may not happen the way you have dreamed it would. However, it is so important to focus on all the good around you and relish in the things you do have—like a new spouse, loved ones that care, and an intimate day with so much meaning. 

If your backup plan is outside, you can get creative in the drink department with an at-home alcohol station. The best part about this set-up is the light lift that goes into making it a reality. If you’re a bit bummed about missing out on an open bar, don’t fret! You can make your backup reception bar just as easy and exciting by placing an order on an app that delivers alcohol and cocktail essentials right to your house. Doing so not only saves time, but it saves you or your wedding party from having to make trips to multiple stores.

Organize a wedding parade

By now, you’ve probably seen a video or two of quarantine car parades to commemorate celebrations in lieu of physical gatherings. After the ceremony, invite guests to do a drive-by parade to honk and shout best wishes from a distance! 

Though it certainly isn’t the same as cutting up the dance floor with your favorite people, getting those face-to-face interactions will help make the day feel special, even if it is at a distance. Play music in your front yard and dance with your new spouse as guests drive by!

Deciding to keep your original date and hold an intimate wedding in lieu of your original large-gathering plans may just surprise you! After it all, you will realize that your closest friends and family members were all you needed to celebrate the beautiful love you’ve found.