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Tips for Making Your Rehearsal Dinner as Pleasant as the Wedding Itself

While the rehearsal dinner shouldn’t be as big and as glamorous as the wedding itself, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be as pleasant as the wedding, because the rehearsal dinner it the perfect opportunity to set in the mood for a wedding you and your guests will never forget.

Of course, there are several traditions we all know or have in the family regarding the rehearsal dinner, but we live in modern days, so the only rule is to make sure you and your guests are having a really good time.

If you still wonder what you should do to make your rehearsal dinner as pleasant as your wedding, in today’s post we present you our top tips that will ease your mind and help you set the perfect atmosphere.

Decide Who’s Hosting

Let’s take off the list the main aspect of a rehearsal dinner. Who are the hosts and who is paying for the rehearsal dinner? According to a top College Paper writer, no one likes to talk money, but let’s face it, everything comes down to this matter. 

Therefore, according to tradition, the groom’s parents should take care of the rehearsal dinner, but as I already stated, this is not a rule, so it’s important just to cover this aspect. Regarding the hosting, I believe that is a bit obvious that you are the hosts of your rehearsal party but of course, parents too.

Choose a Representative Theme

Usually, every rehearsal dinner has a specific theme, either in contrast with the wedding or a vibe setter for the wedding. An expert from Custom Papers advices that the best option is to choose a theme that represents the two of you – If your relationship would be a theme, of what theme would it be?

There are so many options to choose from depending on the things you share together and things you absolutely love to do together like: party on the beach with electronic music and fancy cocktails, a sport night with BBQ, beers, and a good laugh, or even a cheesy first-date celebration if you’re a pair of hopeless romantics. 

Keep it Casual

The last thing you want to do at your rehearsal dinner is to look glamorous and be stressed to not ruin your outfit and to make sure that everything is going according to plan. You should feel relaxed and have a good time no matter what as only tomorrow is the big day.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard, long day – and very happy and emotional – so you should leverage this dinner as a fresh breath surrounded with your loved ones, there’s no need to show off because they already love you for who you are. And if you’re a great host and everyone is having a great time, nothing else matters, according to a professional essay writer.

Pick a Magical Location

Magical has a different meaning for everyone – for some it means rainbows and unicorns and for others, it means the feeling that a place sets. Magical doesn’t mean extravagant, it means a place arranged to make you feel like magic.

Therefore, if your parents have a large beautiful garden, a few lovely decorations will do the trick. Of course, if you love an epic sunset and you happen to live near a beach that you already found your location. Study Bay research proved that restaurants are a great option too, they’re lovely and the staff will take care of everything.

Make a Playlist

Noting sets the mood better than music does. If the music is good everyone is feeling good – almost. Today many people are into electronic music, but the rehearsal dinner is about relaxing and socializing, not partying.

Therefore, a great option is to hire a band – a jazz band I’d suggest, jazz is really great, according to a top dissertation writing service. Of course, if you have something else in mind you should go for it, but make sure that everyone is at least ok with the choice you made.

Guest List

Of course, you have to take care of the guest list, to make sure that you invite every dear friend and to ensure you’re inviting them. Usually, the ones that participate at the rehearsal dines are the family and everyone who is participating at the wedding ceremony – the closest ones to your hearts.

As well, if you have guests that come to your wedding from a far place, it would be nice to invite them too as probably you haven’t seen them in a long while. Just try to keep the circle small, it always feels better and cozy when you’re surrounded by fewer people but higher quality.

Time it Right

The rehearsal dinner usually takes place the night before the wedding day. Generally, it starts at 5:30 or 6 p.m. to give everyone enough time to prepare, especially if it takes place on a Friday. It will start with the ceremony rehearsal which lasts around 45 minutes give or take and the diner should start around 7 p.m. of course, you can schedule differently if it takes place during the weekend, but remember that you need to rest well before your big day as it’s your last sleep as a single woman/man.

Beverages and Food

You should give a good thought on the beverages and food you’re going to put on the table. A cocktail bar is always welcomed and focus on the quality of food more – I mean, tasty food is better than more food. But remember, you are surrounded by your loved ones so you don’t have to make a big deal about it – just make sure that everyone likes it.

As for the desert, if you want to make things simple for you – have a candy bar, you can’t fail with this and everyone will be curious to try those good-looking and tasty cupcakes.

Perfect Time for Gifts

If anyone from your family wishes to make a gift that they would like to give you to wear at the wedding, or you wish to give your parents a gift, even if is just your gratitude and love, the rehearsal dinner it the perfect time for this.

Have Fun!

Last, ad definitely not least, have fun! These days are all about you and your loved one, so make sure that you’ll always remember these days and good, amazing, and happy days. Memories are all we have at the end of the day, so you should at least try to make good ones, especially when it comes to this special ad big event from your life.


The wedding process can become really stressful to make sure that everything is at place and the rehearsal dinner it the perfect opportunity to relax before the wedding now that everything is prepared, you can finally have a good time with your soon to be husband/wife and your dear ones.


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