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Tips for Brides to Get Their Dream Wedding Dress for Big Day

Just as there are many wedding dress designers to choose from, so there are also many different styles and designs to look at. Every woman has her ideas about the type of gown she wants to wear, but it is usually best to stay open-minded when you begin your search. Many brides-to-be search for unique ideas but it doesn’t mean you choose some women tops or shirts. It must be unique and different from daily wear. Your ideal wedding dress could turn out to be very different from what you would expect it to be, so it’s worth bearing this in mind.

Some brides find shopping for their wedding dress to be a daunting task. If you’re prepared it doesn’t have to be. We have shared some quick tips 

Quick Tips:

  • Start shopping as early as possible. Some dresses can take four to six months to order in. Some shops will sell you the floor model but others will not. And remember you’ll need time to get the dress altered.
  • Take a day during the week to do your shopping. Saturdays are the busiest days for bridal shops. If you take a weekday this will give the salesperson more time to spend on you and you won’t have to try to get her attention away from multiple other brides.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Take along some close friends or family whose opinions you trust and listen to them.
  • But don’t take too many people along. Your mom, sisters, bridesmaids, and more may want to come along to help, but if you have too many people you’ll get too many different opinions. Just take the ones you trust and will listen to.
  • Go through bridal magazines and get an idea of what you like. But don’t necessarily be set on one dress until you try on several different styles.
  • Listen to the salesperson. She has helped hundreds or even thousands of brides find their perfect dresses. She knows what dresses look good on different body shapes. 
  • Even if you fall in love with the first dress you try on, try on at least a couple more. You may be so giddy with excitement that you love every single dress you try on. When you find “the one” you’ll know!
  • If you have to think too much about a dress or have to get reassurance from everyone that it looks good, it’s probably not the dress for you.
  • Make sure the dress is comfortable. Walk around in it a bit. Try sitting down in it. Make sure there is no boning sticking into you or beadwork rubbing your skin.

Here are some more tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Consider the Month of Wedding

If you are getting married in the middle of winter you don’t want to wear a thin, floaty gown that will leave you shivering – especially if you are having photos taken outside. Conversely, you don’t want a gown of many heavy layers during the heat of the summer – sweat marks do not befit a princess!

Traditional or Modern?
Some brides would think of nothing less than getting married in a traditional white gown with a long train. Others cannot imagine doing this and would rather select a modern, minimalist design from one of today’s better-known wedding dress designers. Consider which bracket you would fall into and go from there.

Which wedding dress designers do you particularly like?
This is another method you can use to choose your ideal gown. Instead of thinking of a style of dress or a particular price bracket, think about the wedding dress designers who most appeal to you. Online research will bring up some names to consider; you can also look at their back catalogs to see whether you like their previous creations. You can then start to narrow down the possibilities by considering your budget and which designers you can afford to look at more closely.

Would you be satisfied by choosing a customized design?
Some brides find they simply cannot locate the exact dream gown they would love to wear on their special day. You can just go for a modified design.

There are two reasons why this can be a great selection. Firstly, if you have looked everywhere for a dress and you can’t find anything you like, custom made design could be the solution. Secondly, some women want to have a gown that is uniquely theirs – something no one else has ever had. This is worth considering if you also want a dress that may be passed down as an heirloom.

As you can see, there are lots of things to bear in mind if you are going to find the best gown for your big occasion. Remember it may take a while to find the ideal solution, but your ideal dress is out there waiting to be discovered.