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Steps To Finding a Perfect Wedding Venue 

While every wedding-related aspect contributes to the elegance of that big day, some aspects tend to make a more significant impact than others. The venue of a wedding is one of those decisions that determine how glamorous a party will be. Choosing a wedding venue wisely is imperative. Your wedding venue often sets the tone of that big day. Here is a list of a few essential factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue.


Capacity limits can influence your choice of a wedding venue. Of course, no one would want to cram 500 people into a lodge or beach that is designed to accommodate 200 people. However, one mistake that most people often make is picking an oversized venue. An oversized space could mean that a couple has to dig deeper into the pocket to make it feel intimate and full. You may decide to use the same venue for the ceremony and as a reception space. For such cases, make sure it is spacious enough to accommodate all your guests.


Arranging for transport during the wedding day is all about enhancing the customer experience. You want to ensure that there will be enough parking lots and that guests won’t have to walk a mile from the parking space to the reception or ceremony venue. You want to be sure that your family and friends will travel to and from the wedding without any hitch.


For example, if you are planning a destination wedding, or a fancy cruise wedding, you will likely want to start searching for transatlantic cruise destinations as early as possible. After all, choosing a site is one of the crucial wedding planning moves that must be made. However, it all comes down to the personal preference of a couple. Great wedding venues get booked years or even months in advance, so the earlier you start searching for a site, the more likely you are to find your first choice.


Most wedding venues that don’t provide full service packages, which often include staffing, bar, and catering, may not be ideal for a couple with a high budget. But for a duo on a budget, lower-cost packages can allow them to outsource some services elsewhere at a lower cost. You can expect to put up to 50% of your budget on a venue that offers a full-service package. Be sure to inquire about site fees, beverage and food minimums, and other billable things that could influence your choice of a wedding venue.

Date Flexibility

What should come first between choosing a venue and picking a wedding date? That depends on what is essential to a couple. Your desire could be getting married at the site of your dreams or during a particular time of the year. Experts suggest getting into the search for a venue with two ranges of date. Recent research claims that most couples choose a location first before picking the wedding date. With space, the date can follow based on the availability. Selecting a wedding date first could limit your venue options.

Finding a perfect wedding venue is a big deal, and it can cost a fortune. It is the venue that sets the tone of the wedding day. However simple that process can seem, picking a wedding venue can be overwhelming. You must search around to find a site that you can afford and is convenient for your guests. The first step before deciding on a wedding venue is drafting a budget.

Otherwise, you might sign a contract with a site and realize later that you have no money left for entertainment or food. After doing online research and consulting a few friends and relatives, create a list of places you’re interested in and can accommodate all your guests.