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“Planning a Beach Camping Honeymoon”

Getting cozy with your spouse around a campfire on the beach can be so overwhelmingly good that, some people might actually drop those fancy five-star hotel rooms for their honeymoon. You can have an open star-studded sky and stargaze entire night, enjoy the beach activities, listen to the soothing sound of the waves, enjoy fresh air, have more and more of the sunlight and what not!

So, if you are ready to curl up much closer to nature along with the love of your life, following are the best ideas that you can follow and have the honeymoon of your life.

Getting the right supplies.

So, it is your honeymoon and you obviously don’t want anything to go wrong. Your first task would be to get the right supplies for camping on a beach. 

Since it is camping, the first main thing should be a good tent. Other supplies can be, a tarp, comfy sleeping bags for you and your partner, the best tent fan; although the weather on the seashore is quite cool but it can be of help in the daytime when the sun is at its peak, which is why sun prep is highly important.  Definitely pack a first aid kit. And, not to forget the cooking supplies.

Choosing the right destination.

Before you do anything else, you must first research and find the best spot where you and your spouse decide to visit and camping is permitted. Finalize such a location which has the perfect water, allow those amusing beach activities to indulge in with your partner, space and privacy and a nearby clean water supply! Otherwise you will have to take gallons of water of your own.

The spot of setting up your camp on the beach is also very important. You should be well aware of the high-tide line and never camp below it. Because you don’t want all of your supplies washed away or even taken by a single aggressive wave! You should be looking out for the weather; winds and storms can cause huge waves. Also, you should camp down where the soil is firm.


When all of the above is taken care of, and you are under the naked sky, in front of the wide ocean, alongside your partner, now is the time to have some fun and prepare some meal!

Since you are on a beach, the windy atmosphere may make it difficult to start a fire, for this you can dig a hole in the sand and make a fire pit. It will help you more control over the fire. After you have lit the fire, you can either roast stuff from the flames or actually cook food through embers with your partner, and this way spend quality time together. 

You can also, surf the tides with your loved one, swim in the beach, walk around the seashore, or may even snorkel (if possible). 

When all is done, you can finally lay down with your partner and cuddle up under the sky and enjoy your heavenly honeymoon.