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Perfect His and Hers Wedding Outfits for Every Style

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life, which is all about the two people who are embarking on a new and exciting journey. A wedding day is an eventful and joyful moment that is meant to be spent with the people you love and who are there to celebrate with you. It is a day when memories are created, as well as a lot of photographs that you will look at in the future. That is why it is no wonder that you care about how you and your partner will look, and how to coordinate your outfits. 

In order to help, we bring you some amazing options for wedding day outfits for every style.

Romantic and sophisticated

Although we could say that every wedding is a formal ceremony, there are still different levels of formality. For example, a lovely daytime wedding is quite sophisticated and luxurious, but also casual. That is why it may be the perfect wedding option for people who enjoy a slightly informal and romantic style. The bride will look stunning in a stylish tea dress, while the groom can opt for a custom-made suit. The romantic wedding dress will be just perfect in off-white and the elegant wedding suit will come into focus in a color such as navy. 

When it comes to accessories, all the bride needs is a pair of simple diamond studs and a delicate bracelet. In case the dress is off-the-shoulder, a lovely necklace is necessary, perhaps with a pop of color, such are the sensual emerald green gems. The groom can accessorize his wedding suit with silver cufflinks on a crisp white shirt and silk, emerald green pocket square. To walk gracefully to the aisle, the bride can choose white strappy sandals and her partner can wait for her in his modern brown loafers. 

Elegant and glamorous

Many people want their wedding ceremony to resemble a fairytale. This includes a romantic venue, preferably in the evening, with a lot of flowers and other, gorgeous and breathtaking décor. Such a wedding also requires charming and classy outfits, both for the guests, as well as for the bride and the groom. Thus, the bride can opt for a stunning ballroom wedding dress, in which she will feel like a real-life princess. With the beautiful materials and embellishments, such as hand-stitched lace or beading, any woman wearing a dress of this kind will feel gorgeous, excited and happy for her big day. Her groom will look equally charismatic and glamorous in a classic, black tuxedo. The best is to go for a double-breasted jacket and a silk bow tie on a white shirt. 

Having in mind that both his and her wedding outfits are statement and alluring, there is no need for excessive accessories. The bride’s beauty will be even more accentuated with exquisite pearl earrings, while the groom can keep up with her with a couple of refined pearl cufflinks. When it comes to footwear, the handsome groom can opt for elegant patent leather shoes, while the bride can go for some comfortable, nude heels.

Unique and bold

If both you and your partner want to have a wedding that will be remembered as an amazing, one-of-a-kind ceremony and experience, then you need to have a special venue and outfits. For instance, you can go for a lovely, summer wedding at a fancy beach bar or a holiday wedding at a luxurious restaurant. In any case, the lovely bride can decide to wear a stunning bridal suit instead of a typical wedding dress. A sequin suit will truly make the bride shine on her big day, while a structured, off-the-shoulder suit will look both modern and feminine. The choice of color is also very versatile, from off-white and champagne to the fashionable pastels. The color of the bridal suit should be coordinated with the groom’s outfit, so his tuxedo should also be in pastel, or perhaps even white, with pastel details, such as a blush pocket square. In case the bride decides to wear a shade of white, the groom can follow with black trousers and a suit vest, which will be matched to a white suit jacket and a shirt. 

He can finish off this modern look with a black bowtie and black cap-toe shoes, and subtle cufflinks. The choice of the bride’s jewelry is vast, but sparkly chandelier earrings and a few, stacked rings in a silver tone will perfectly accentuate both the bride’s natural beauty and her extraordinary style. A pair of bold, metallic heels will finish off this bridal look in the best manner, and will also be wonderful for a night spent on the dance floor.

Finally, opt for the wedding outfits in which you will feel the best. Your love and the happiness around you will be the perfect accessories.