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Elegant Bridal Show at Adelphia

If you are newly engaged, then congratulations are in order. Planning your wedding can be a fun and exciting time but you’ll also have to make many important decisions in the upcoming months. The first decision that you make should be to go to a wedding expo.

A wedding expo is a great place to get started with your wedding plans. There you can see bridal shops, bakeries, musicians and lots of other wedding vendors gathered all in one place. It’s the best way to see examples of their work, taste samples of cakes and foods, and collect brochures and literature.

Whether it’s called a wedding expo, a bridal show or a wedding showcase you’ll want to take advantage of these great events when they come to New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They’re usually held in a large space like a convention center or a banquet hall. The largest bridal shows can sometimes have over 100 different vendors. You can spend the whole day walking around talking to vendors and gathering information about their services. There are also smaller bridal shows that are more intimate and well put together. But whether its a large or small event or somewhere in between your goal will still be the same, to take a look at what these wedding professionals have to offer.

The highlight of these events is usually the fashion show. If you’re like most brides, you’ll want to check it out. But these seats will fill up quickly so plan on seating before the show starts. And if you already have your gown picked out then its a good idea to use this time to talk with the vendors that you are most interested in. Since most brides will be watching the fashion show, you should have their undivided attention. Also if you’ve already picked out your gown and wedding party dresses, make sure you bring a swatch. Many vendors will be able to make suggestions on how best to use your colors in other aspects of the your wedding.

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind before you head off to your first wedding expo that will make the experience more enjoyable. Bring the people that you think will help you make the best decisions. Whether you invite your family or your friends or a combination of both, you should surround yourself with positive influences. Definitely wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to do a lot of walking and be on your feet almost the whole time you’re there. You will most likely be tasting food samples but you don’t want go into a wedding expo hungry. Have a sensible meal before hand. Bring address labels with you. They can save you a lot of time when filling out contact information for the wedding merchants or for contests. And bring a pad and pen to take notes or jot down ideas.

And remember to have fun. Wedding planning should be an exhilerating time of your life and a wedding expo is a great place to start.