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Oftentimes, everyone is curious about who is who in the bridal party and how each bridesmaid and groomsmen are related/know the bride and groom. While the typical program does include the full name and role of the person in the wedding but there is no background to clarify for those guests who may not know these very special individuals.

Something we recommend is adding an insert, expanding the program or even having a separate “meet the bridal party” handout for guests. Depending on your theme, this information can be customized to align with your entire wedding! If you go the traditional route, a simple and elegant paper with each bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s photo, full name and wedding party title, and a brief couple of sentences explaining how this individual is related to the special couple. If you do chose to go more elaborate, there are unlimited options – themed cards, a fun fact about each individual, unique stories about his/her relationship with the bride and groom, even a special wish from each of them for the soon to be newly weds. This can even be done as a part of the reception when the bridal party is introduced – whatever fits!

The key for these unique touches is to find something that fits into your special day. The little things help create the perfect wedding for each couple so find what works for you to build your own special day.

See below two examples provided by Screaming Lunatic Design Agency which put a twist on meeting the Bridal Party with an example as the back of a Ceremony Card and one included into the invitation.

Wedding Bridal Party Invitation Insert Wedding Bridal Party Ceremony Card