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Important Pre-Wedding Must-Do’s for a Bride
Article By Elegant Bridal

As a bride, looking and feeling your absolute best is bound to be at the top of your priority list. It’s not unlikely to want to impress your significant other and guests, but to also feel confident in your own skin. Looking at inspirational bridal photos and thinking “that’s what I want to look like,” or anticipating how you want to feel is much easier than planning the overall look and living the moment. The good thing is that many of these preparation tips are simple, can be completed at home and are intended to make you feel beautiful!

Use a Hair Mask
With any extravagant hairstyle comes the use of hot tools, teasing, brushing and a lot of product. Unfortunately, these can be quite damaging to your locks, causing breakage and dryness from heat and chemicals. Treatment masks prepare your hair for the worst by locking in moisture and heat-blocking ingredients. A day before your hair appointment, use a hair mask (store-bought or homemade) in the shower or while your hair is still damp. You will notice a big difference in its texture and shine after rinsing it out with cold water.

Using a lotion or body oil is an essential component in having glowing skin on your wedding day! Without using these skin products, you’re taking the risk of having dull and dry skin throughout your ceremony. The best time to moisturize is when you are just getting out of the shower, but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is the only time you should. Do your best to moisturize two to three times a day for well hydrated skin.

Invest in a Nice Bra
Whether you are wearing a trumpet, a-line or mermaid style gown, a high quality and dependable bra can transform your look and change the way you feel in an extremely positive way. Nothing is worse than wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly with straps that dig into your shoulders. As a bride, you want to be as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on having fun instead of an annoying discomfort.

Rehearse Your Vows
Vows are an important part of a wedding ceremony because they signify love and commitment— which is what a wedding and marriage is all about! Due to their significance, it’s important that what you write and read aloud is meaningful and personal. So many people mess up their vows during the ceremony, so practice reading them aloud days in advance. This ensures that you’re prepared for the day and avoid fumbling your words.

Schedule a Facial
Taking care of your skin combats unwanted imperfections, dryness, discoloration and texture issues. Using your day-to-day products is vital, but a month or so before your wedding you want to take a few extra steps so that your skin is properly prepared for makeup. Facials include the use of high-quality products that are great for taking your skin to the next level.

Get a Manicure & Pedicure
With your wedding ring being one of the bride’s focal points, it is important that your hands are well-pampered. With a nice manicure perfectly fitting for your wedding day, your nails will look great for photos and amazing when guests are looking at your ring! A French manicure is the most common wedding nail design, but if you want to choose a nail color that matches your bouquet or cake frosting, I say go for it!

To stay as organized as possible with these tasks, keep a checklist handy so you can cross of your completed to-do’s and reference what you still need to finish. These might seem like a lot, but if you plan ahead, they will be completed in no time and make a significant difference in the way you look and feel!