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How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags

Weddings and Instagram are a match made in paradise. The beautiful aesthetic, celebrating life and love, sharing your favorite life moments with the world are just some of the things that connect these two. It’s no wonder that many brides-to-be spend hours and hours scrolling through their Instagram feeds for inspiration.

Brands have recognized this as an opportunity to communicate with future brides by using wedding hashtags. You can do that too if you want to attract attention to your wedding planning process and ultimately the day of your wedding. Let’s take a look at the best ways to come up with your own wedding hashtags and reach more users:

Research the Most Popular Hashtags

Tools and services available both for free and at a premium can help you find the most popular hashtags on Instagram and reach a bigger audience. There are many of them to choose from, but we recommend starting with these:

  • HashtagsForLikes

This tool is all-around helpful for anything related to Insta hashtags. Not only will it generate perfect wedding hashtags for your photos and videos, but it will also provide you with user analytics for each one. 

  • Kicksta

If you’re looking for a tool that is similar to Google’s Keyword Planner but works for Instagram hashtags, this is the best one. Start with “wedding” and look at all the related suggestions Kicksta provides you with. Then, start with local hashtags and sub-topics to reveal the trending ones. 

  • Keyhole

This is a great Instagram hashtag generator, but it also contains many other useful functions that will help your wedding reign social media for years. Depending on their data points and analytics, Keyhole will give you recommendations on the type of content to post and when to do it. If you feel a bit lost and you don’t know where to start with your wedding profile, this is a great place to start. 

  • All Hashtag

This is another useful and effective Insta hashtag suggestion tool with several options. If you’re looking for trending and popular hashtags related to weddings, just enter your desired keyword and choose the option “Top Hashtags”. 

  • HashAtIt

Hashatit is another multi-purpose Instagram helper that can aid in generating high-performing hashtags, but also much more. Explore all the options available on the app to give your wedding Instagram profile the best chances of success. 

Work with Experts

Even though Instagram is fun and a part of our daily lives, it’s still a complex mechanism and a marketing tool. As such, it’s understandable only to those to dive deep into the materials related to Instagram marketing and Instagram marketing curation. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours on end in researching this stuff on your own. Now, there are thousands of experts ready to help with anything Instagram-related.

Try working with some of these services: essay help online (a service that can help you craft the caption and hashtags for your wedding), paper writing services (because academic writers are more likely to produce successful texts), Fiverr (find Insta experts who will find the right hashtags), Keyword Tool (research some of the most popular keywords on Instagram). 

Watch out for the Competition

Of course, the hashtag “wedding” will be ultra-competitive, and you will only have a few seconds on the search results before your image gets drowned by new, incoming wedding photos. That does not mean you should use it, but generally speaking, you will attract more people in the long-term with the use of less competitive keywords.

Just like generator tools, you can use online tools to find out how many Instagram posts a hashtag gets on average. Find the golden mean between overly competitive hashtags like “wedding” and ultra-niche keywords like “thisismyaugustwedding” no one ever searches for. If you use a hashtag that’s searched for by dozens of people each month, it is like you wasted one hashtag that could have attracted a bigger audience.

Nail the Right Length

The perfect wedding hashtag should not be too long or too short. This is related to the point we have talked about: a short hashtag that’s straight to the point will be very competitive, while long hashtags don’t usually get that much traffic. 

Go for 2 or 3 words in a hashtag at most and make sure they are relevant to your overall promotional efforts. Some of the keywords related to weddings that are not too competitive, but have the perfect length are:

  • #weddingwear
  • #weddinginspo
  • #weddinginspiration
  • #mywedding
  • #weddingplanning

Use Suggestions

Instagram’s own hashtag tool is also very useful for when you’re looking for the best keywords to use. As you’re typing the first couple of letters, Instagram will suggest popular hashtags you can use. Not only that, but you will also instantly find data about the historical number of posts under that hashtag.

We previously mentioned tools that help you generate hashtags on Instagram. Many of them work really well, but the best possible resource for getting Instagram data is, of course, Instagram. If you’re looking for a quick overview of popular hashtags and their numbers, just enter “wed…” and let Instagram do the rest of the work for you. 

Go Local or National

Another great tip that can help you connect to a local audience is to use local marks in your hashtags. For example, you can include the destination of the wedding in your hashtags to attract audiences that are interested in weddings in that area or having a wedding of their own there. Also, you will get an additional boost in engagement by people from the area, even if they are not directly interested in weddings. 

Local or national tags in your hashtags are a great way to niche down on your audience, but not too much. This way, it is an example of a great hashtag in terms of length and middle-competition. 

Do Brainstorming

Brainstorming ideas is a fun and entertaining activity that also exercises your vocabulary and verbal skills. It’s also a great way to start looking at things from a different perspective. Instead of thinking from your own, you’re looking at the view of “the crowd” – what would XY search for?

Coming up with perfect wedding hashtags can also be a fun game for you and your future spouse. Try writing your own separately and then switching and rating your results. Then, you can combine the ones you liked most (which have the biggest potential for success) and come up with a winning formula of your ideas. 


Choosing the right hashtags will put your wedding Instagram profile on the fast track to success. If you are serious about your page, you don’t want to pick hashtags in a helter-skelter way or enter just what pops into your mind first. If you want the best possible reach, you should invest enough time into research and analytics to actually learn about the most-searched-for hashtags. 

You can also go deeper than that and start optimizing the rest of your profile: include the most relevant hashtags in your profile description and stories, use Reels, try a feed that’s interconnected and smooth… The more effort you put in, the better reactions you will get.