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How to Use Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year for Your Spring Wedding
By Cassie Galasetti

Every year The Pantone Color Institute chooses a new color that they deem “the color of the year”. This year Pantone has chosen Ultra Violet #18-3838, which they say is a color that symbolizes the future, experimentation and “lights the way to what is yet to come.”

What better color could there be for your upcoming spring nuptials? Here are a few ideas to add ultra violet to your spring wedding.

Floral design
If you love bold bouquets or centerpieces, using violet flower displays is the perfect way to do it. What’s great about violet is that you can use varying degrees of the color that look amazing together. Think deep plum colors and soft lilacs paired with violet colored flowers. Mixing up this array will bring you floral perfection!

Just like your flowers,  you can mix up you bridesmaids dresses with varying shades of ultra violet. If you like more of a uniform look, violet dresses are just as beautiful. If either of these options are a little too bold for your taste, you can always add accents of purple with the flower bouquets or even shoe colors instead.

When it comes to guys, ultra violet may not be your top color contender, but who says you can’t have violet corsages or purple ties? Just a little accent of ultra violet will tie in the color theme to the rest of your wedding.

Table Setting Design
We already know flowers of any color are beautiful, but here’s where you can really go crazy with color. Use giant or even miniature vases filled with purple flowers or print your place cards on purple paper (may we suggest ombre?) Some other ways you can incorporate this color is through candles, table clothes, plates, napkins and even purple glassware.

Save the Dates & Invitations
Since your save the dates and wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding, make sure you add ultra violet in some way! Whether that’s through printing on solid purple paper or using vintage stamps that come in purple – you’ll help set the theme of your big day before it begins.

Wedding Cake & Other Desserts
Nowadays, wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes – and we couldn’t love it more! Incorporating ultra violet into your cake will not only make it standout but show your creative side. If you want to go over the top – have your cake decorator create an all violet cake, for those who want to tone it down, try little accents, like flowers, assorted purple frosting. Besides the cake, you can also go all out with ultra violet macaroons, cupcakes, donuts and even ice cream!

So, how will you use Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year?