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How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding on a Shoestring Budget

In today’s financial crunch, having a grand, extravagant and ostentatious wedding is not smart. It is not all practical to spend your life savings on one big day and then have nothing left for more important expenses like buying a house or car, saving for a child’s education, or investing on a business.

After all, you can have a beautiful, elegant, and memorable wedding on a shoestring budget. All it takes is a dash of creativity, some resourcefulness, little help from family and friends, and a couple of useful tips on how to have a budget wedding.

The Budget Plan

Before you set out planning for your wedding details, one of the foremost things you have to do is to formulate a budget. To help you do this, you and your partner should sit down and discuss what your priorities are in your wedding. This way, it would be easier to allocate a budget for each aspect of the wedding and to avoid overspending.

Save Money on the Wedding Gown

It is true that the bride’s gown is one of the anticipated aspects of the wedding but it does not have to be expensive. You can save money on this by scouting for budget wedding dress stores, renting a wedding gown or wearing the gown that your mom wore on her wedding day (and perhaps doing some modification on it to make it look chic and modern).

Guest List: Needs Some Trimming

Limit the number of guests to a minimum and expect big savings on your wedding budget. With fewer guests, you will need a smaller reception area, less food and drink, smaller wedding cake, and lesser invitations. Make this an intimate gathering between you, your partner and the closest people in your lives.

Invitations and Decorations: Turn them into DIY Projects

With the computer and Internet technology that we have today, making an invitation does not need the hands of a professional anymore. This is especially true if the bride and groom are crafty ones. Sure enough, anyone can whip up beautiful, creative, and personalized invitations and decorations.

Buffet instead of a Formal Sit-Down Meal

To save money on the food and drinks, consider having a buffet style meal instead of a formal sit-down dinner. A formal sit-down meal is more expensive because of the extra staff that would plate and serve the meals.

Have a Wedding Tower of Cupcakes

A wedding tower made of sumptuous and alluring cupcakes can be a better option than the usual tiered wedding cake. With this, you can enjoy a wedding cake for a lesser cost without sacrificing beauty, quality and taste.

Capture the Moments for a Smaller Tag Price

To minimize the cost, one thing you can do is to hire a service-only photographer and videographer who will be there during the event to capture priceless moments but will leave the printing of the photos or editing of the video to your hands. Again, with the modern technology of today, this can be a piece of cake.

Another way to cut down the expenses is to have disposable cameras spread on your guest tables for them to use to catch candid moments during the event. You can also have a trusted friend or family member take video shots of the wedding.

Wedding on a shoestring budget is not in any way less special than an extravagant wedding. After all, what is important is not the event itself but the journey that you and your spouse will be sharing together for the rest of your lives.

Author’s bio: David Hoang works as a copywriter for writeanypapers.com. He used to be a web designer, but he decided to change his career. In this case, David has an opportunity to tell others how to create a perfect website design.